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Design: Syeda Afrin Tarannum


Design: Syeda Afrin Tarannum

Romantic comedies, girl movies, and teen movies from the 1990s and 2000s are still considered some of the best of these genres. Movies such as Notebook, clueless, Revenge of a Blonde and many more are cult classics that people still refer to today. Although some of them have not all aged very well, they are much loved and have taken the form of comfort watches for many people even after all this time, and will continue to be so for years to come. come.

But most of the films of this genre released in recent years do not arouse the same love. Very few recent releases are actually well received by critics or audiences, and plenty of views come from people who hate watching it just to see how bad it can be.

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So what is the reason for this drop in quality?

It starts with the fall of DVDs and the rise of streaming services. Previously, movies were released first at the box office, then a few months later they were available to rent or buy. This meant they could earn more and over a longer period of time. Since DVDs have been completely replaced by streaming services, this secondary source of income no longer exists.

Standalone movies with frivolous plots were almost never box office hits and would depend on DVD sales to make a profit, but now they have to wait to be licensed by a streaming service to be their main source of income. .

If something isn’t automatically popular, the chances of it being picked up by streaming services become very low, so it’s no longer guaranteed to be profitable.

These days, the only films that offer their creators any kind of payoff are either sequels to existing franchises to be easy box office hits, or art films that earn at least a few nominations at major award ceremonies. of price. For this reason, major production houses, talented writers, and stars focus exclusively on these two types of films.

After all, why should they bother with a dumb movie that doesn’t bring them anything in the near future when they can be working on something that can at least give them a decent paycheck or some exposure in the form of rewards? movies like mean girls that were made with love, and the star actors who could pull off the script no longer exist, because no one knows when they will turn a profit or at least gain a cult following. Thus, they are considered not worth it.

There’s still some demand for these movies, and now they’re mostly produced by streaming services or low-budget production houses, so they don’t usually get the same level of attention. Most of their screenplays are now adapted from Wattpad novels that have become published books as Afteror just have dodgy scripts like Tall girl. The actors they employ aren’t usually charming enough to pull off either, and so what could be a campy, insane watch just becomes unbearable.

This does not mean that all films of this type are bad. Netflix’s Do Revenge has been relatively well received and has led some to believe there may be a resurgence of these movies. Hopefully, we don’t have to rely on movies released 20-30 years ago for feel-good vibes.

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