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In friendship as in love, it is not enough to have a fragrance that sparkles in society and to be well accompanied. To keep his love and close friends throughout life, it will all be about sensual compatibility. According to a study by a researcher from the Nice Institute of Chemistry, smell is the main factor that determines the longevity of our friendships. Science remains imprecise to this day because it does not take into account all the social and human factors that play a role in building and stabilizing human relationships, but it is no less surprising. We tell you how and why we finally reveal absolutely everything about this new theory!

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Golden rule: our friendship is above all aromatic!

We know that two people who share the same hobbies but also the same values ​​and the same philosophy of life are more likely to meet and build a true friendship. But why a night of rest without anyone knowing why? Because the olfactory compatibility will not be at its peak according to this latest study. Indeed, if we do not yet know to what extent smell plays a central or marginal role, it is an important factor in the stability of friendship. After testing 24 people, friends and others who did not know each other, he found that body fumes were very strong between two people when they were close.

While these 24 volunteers had to submit to strict dietary and hygienic restrictions regarding the beauty and skincare products they could use, this study shows that human sensitivity is found in their friendly selection. From this study, the conclusions are clear because 71% of individuals will have positive social interactions according to the similarity of bodily emanation.

So be warned, when “you don’t feel anything for someone” as they usually say, think twice if you decide to go ahead with the relationship!