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Penny for your thoughts by: Nancy Whitaker

I watched TV shows on the Discovery Channel about people with strange addictions. Aren’t we all secretly addicted to something?

Do we call collecting something a hobby or an addiction?

Now, when I was little, my grandfather Anderson collected pens and pencils.

I remember he had a huge trunk with all sorts of different things, plus he used to go up to someone who had a pen or pencil in their shirt pocket and ask them politely if he could have it. It’s always been Grandpa’s hobby, but I wouldn’t call it an addiction.

Some people are collectors of salt and pepper shakers, wine bottles, watches, clocks, Precious Moments, trains, dolls, and anything else you can imagine.

I knew someone who collected restaurant menus and another who collected matchbook covers.

My grandmother collected chief handkerchiefs and had dozens of beautiful handkerchiefs and she crocheted beautiful lace around the edges.

I’ve never seen her use one of those beautiful handkerchiefs though.

A strange object that my mother collected were funeral cards of deceased people. Even if she didn’t go to the viewing, she asked someone to get her a memory card.

I believe everyone is addicted and cravings different foods. One thing I never get tired of is chocolate. If there is a piece of chocolate in the house, I can smell it and consume it very quickly. I can’t stop until it’s gone.

Of course, some people featured on Strange Addiction were addicted to various things. A lady was addicted to sniffing baby powder. She sniffs it every day and has sniffed over 1000 lbs.

Then there’s a guy who wants to be a baby.

He wears diapers, takes a bottle and cries like a baby. I would hate to be his wife.

Another man was addicted to an inflatable doll. He dressed her, sat her at the meal table, took her out to dinner, and treated her like a person. Lucky girl! I guess she didn’t do the dishes or clean the house.

Another girl was addicted to the neck stretch. She put big rings tight around her neck to stretch and lengthen her. She almost looked like she had a turkey neck.

Another person was eating toilet paper all the time. She ate it like popcorn they said.

Another interesting collection is that of a librarian who worked in a library for many years. Over the years, she found many different items that people had used as bookmarks. She saved the articles and displayed them in this library. People use many unique items as bookmarks. There were lunch menus, paper for homework, pieces of paper towel, brochures, match covers and even straws.

I found the history of this collection very interesting.

Now! The other morning I realized that I, too, was addicted to something.

My addictive object keeps me in touch with the outside world, gives me directions, reminds me of appointments, can add, subtract, tell me the time and the weather. I can ask him any question and he will try to find the answer for me.

Yes I admit it. I’m a cell junkie. That morning I woke up and my cell phone screen was completely black. I tried everything I knew how to do, but nothing worked. Oh no! I couldn’t survive without my phone.

I hurried and put on some clothes, had no makeup and no hair, and rushed by car to the cell phone store. When I arrived at my local store I saw that they don’t open until 10:00 OK. I just decided to wait for them to do it.

Then I looked out my car window and there was my friend, Kittie, who was also having cell phone issues.

She told me she couldn’t get a signal and I said mine had no light and was all black.

Well, as soon as the doors opened, we walked in and put our phones on the counter. We told the customer service lady about the issues we were having. She took mine first, looked at it, clicked a button, and the screen lit up.

I said, “Oh wow, what was wrong?”

She replied, “Hummm. Yours was turned off.

I was so happy to see my phone working and then waited for Kittie to have hers examined. I don’t know what her problem was, but they fixed it and we were two happy women when we left.

Are we addicted to our phones? Well, I probably am. But at least I’m not sniffing baby powder, stretching my neck, or eating toilet paper.

Do you collect anything? Do you have a collectible addiction? Or a habit?

Let me know and I’ll give you a penny for your thoughts.