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When 2022 started, many local businesses hoped it would be the year they could bounce back from the very odd two thanks to the pandemic. Unfortunately, the challenges proved too great for some.

At the end of October, we shared a list of over 30 restaurants, stores and other businesses that closed this year. This list keeps growing. In the past few days we have been made aware of two other Boise businesses who have called him.


After 28 years in the Boise market, Ceramica announced via social media that the pottery painting business was officially closing on November 15. This is when they stopped accepting new painters without appointments or new bookings, but said they would offer to those who had works. – current, unexpired gift certificates and those with pottery pickups to access the studio during limited hours for an additional week.

The announcement came just days after they posted on Facebook that the business was for sale. This post directs you to a sales flyer that says the seller loved his business, but with a spouse soon to retire, the family was looking forward to traveling together. It lists the business for $88,000 in cash.

Picture via Google Maps

Picture via Google Maps

Seeing Ceramica go is so sad because they were the cornerstone of the Idaho Foodbank’s “Empty Bowls” event. Creative people could visit Ceramica and paint a bowl to sell at the fundraising event. In their final days, they show pictures of companies, organizations, and individuals of painted bowls in their store for this year’s online sale.

Karaoke Voicemail

Are you one of those people who LOVE karaoke, but can’t imagine getting up in front of a room full of strangers and singing your favorite *NSYNC song? Then Voicebox Karaoke was your safe place. The unique concept offered guests the opportunity to get together with a small group of friends in a private karaoke suite. They also had a full bar and starters to keep the party going for hours.

Picture via Google Maps

Picture via Google Maps

…and we talk about it in the past tense because they also announced via social networks that they were definitely closed. The announcement said:

“We are devastated to announce that we will be closing our Boise location indefinitely, at 2 a.m. Saturday, October 29 due to circumstances beyond our control.”

Voicebox opened in part of the old Urban Outfitters building in BoDo just in time for the holiday season in December 2019. Unfortunately, they were hit hard by the pandemic. They closed during the Idaho Stay Home Order and reopened in June 2020 only to close again due to the next wave of COVID from November 2020 to June 2021.

They join this growing list of closures:

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