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The challenge of gaining visibility, driving high quality traffic and increasing conversion rate is still relevant for any modern business. Usually only a few options are recommended, such as writing lots of articles, generating catchy titles, and wrapping the texts with keywords.

The benefits of regular blogging on your website are undeniable, but they might not be enough to become the frontrunner in the market and gain even more relevant traffic. The key to going beyond may be to use a AI video generator to create dynamic videos for your blog and landing pages. Videos are captivating and more likely to intrigue the website visitor than plain text.

What exactly are the benefits of generating AI videos over traditionally produced videos? An AI video is generally easier and faster to make and does not require any special knowledge from the creator. Also, an AI video usually contains an AI avatar, so you can benefit from the presence of the person in your video – after all, people are more likely to stick around and listen if they relate to whoever provides information – another human. With AI avatars, there is no need to search for actors and go through the tedious filming process.

While it’s important to understand the benefits of creating an AI video over a traditional one, it’s even more important to understand the exact reasons for using an AI video maker for your business.

  1. Increase engagement levels

It’s no secret that the more visitors interact with your website and the longer they stay, the better. Using videos instead of text – or at least videos with text – makes your pages more engaging. By implementing videos, you ensure that your content can be consumed on the go, in the morning for breakfast, during a busy break during the day, and simply when one is too lazy to read. Simply put, you remove all possible strains – all you have to do is sit back and watch.

  1. Easily reach multilingual audiences

While English is an international language and is commonly used to target a global audience, it can be even more effective to address your prospects in their native language. Usually, the process of translating and re-narrating a video should be expensive and time-consuming; with the right AI video generator tool, however, this process may only take a few minutes. With the automatic translation function and several voices available, some platforms will have you multilingual in no time.

  1. Expand your regular audience

Certain types of media are more suitable for certain types of people. Everything can depend on basic factors such as age, gender and country of origin, and extend to more specific and narrow factors such as hobbies. By including AI videos on your pages, you allow a wider audience to interact with your content and learn more about your product. Some might even start by simply admiring the results of sophisticated AI work and becoming interested in your product after watching the video.

  1. Be inclusive with AI avatars

Speaking of expanding your usual audience, another benefit of using AI videos is the ability to create them with various AI avatars as narrators. This simple but important touch shows how well you know your audience. Also, portrayal isn’t a trend, it’s a need, and people are more likely to enjoy your content more if they can feel they can relate to the storyteller. Instead of looking through endless acting portfolios. just log into your AI video generator account and choose the preferred one AI Avatar.

  1. Build trust with a custom AI avatar

If you decide to really wow your prospects, create a custom AI avatar of the company representative. This way, they can always be camera-ready and available for video creation while focusing on their core business tasks. How about getting an AI avatar of the company CEO? Having them share their expertise in a video can be a game-changer for building trust. This way, any website visitor will feel a more genuine and natural interest in your business, which will definitely help in the long run. Moreover, if such a video is their first impression of the company, there is no better option.

Nowadays, there are endless user-friendly tools that run on cutting-edge technology, and AI video generators are on the list. Keeping up with the times is only fair and even profitable, especially when the analysis is done. It’s easy to see that there are many reasons to use AI video creation for your business, and there are certainly more when it comes to specific cases. Try using AI videos today and watch your success soar.