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treylon burks

From A to Z Sports

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His physical attributes weren’t the only thing that set Burks apart from the rest of the combine field. During his media presence, Burks has really raised eyebrows by telling stories of how he would hunt feral hogs in his youth.

While that might not seem surprising coming from someone who grew up in rural Warren, AR, it wasn’t the hunt that grabbed the headlines. It was that he hunted these pigs with his bare hands, using only a knife.

“You have to go out with dogs, and the dogs come out and find them, and then we come up behind them and attack them — shoot them down,” Burks explained.

While it doesn’t necessarily sound like something teams would want their first-round pick to do in their spare time, it does have some similarities to football.

“You have to plan a game before you even go out,” he said. “I wear gloves, but you have to put vests and stuff on the dogs to get them ready so they don’t hurt themselves.”

Being an outdoorsman who also grew up hunting deer and fishing, landing with Tennessee could be a match made in football and outdoorsman heaven.

The Titans filled one of his holes at receiver by trading for Robert Woods in March. However, with how explosive offenses across the AFC have become this offseason, adding a player as skilled as Burks would make QB Ryan Tannehill’s life a whole lot easier.

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