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Hobbies are a pressure-free way to unwind, relax, and have fun. Pursuing a hobby isn’t about being the best (or even good) at something. Rather, it’s about finding joy outside of your daily routine to reconnect with yourself and do something you love. Beyond just being enjoyable, hobbies can have many advantages and be excellent for your general well-being. I know what you think: How am I supposed to find a hobby that I love and that I’m really going to stick with? The answer: TThere are many different types of hobbies, and it’s important to find something that feels easy and natural to you.

A way to get inspired? By looking at your Enneagram. Since the Enneagram reveals nine personality types, it can be an insightful way to gauge which hobbies benefit your deep sense of self and play to your strengths (if you don’t know your type, answer an online quiz here). Read more at fFind the hobby that best matches your enneagram type below, and remember that experimenting with new things is part of the process..


Some are improvement-oriented and want to make the world a better place. A hobby that supports their passion for activism makes volunteering a wonderful way to give back and use their incredible organizational skills. There are many ways to volunteer, whether it’s at an animal shelter, tutoring, or raising money for an organization you care about. Choose something you are passionate about to spark meaning and purpose.


Both are very relational and love to make the people they love happy. Cooking is a wonderful way to keep in touch with loved ones by hosting dinner parties or trying new recipes with friends. At the same time, it allows them to be aware of the food they are putting into their bodies. Both often want to take care of everyone else, so nourishing their own bodies with healthy foods and enjoying delicious flavors reminds them to take care of themselves. The best part? There’s a lot of fun receipts to try at any skill level. Choose something that looks delicious and then share that love with others.


The three value hard work and recognition, always striving to be the best. Although their competitive side earns them many promotions and opportunities, a good hobby helps them disengage from their constant jostling and desire to be in the spotlight. Painting can be extremely meditative and doesn’t require you to be an artist to enjoy it. Roll up your sleeves and splash colors on a canvas or try a paint by numbers kit experiment with different styles. Take it easy and enjoy the process without rushing. Eventually you will find your stream and have a lot of fun with it. Do you feel more productive than artistic? Painting furniture for your home matters too.


The four want to be the most authentic version of themselves. What better way to do this than to update furniture or clothing to make it more personal and meaningful? All four are true idealists, who often yearn for things they don’t have, so upcycling isn’t just a fun way to tap into their creativity and create something unique, but it makes them also helps them find a new appreciation for the things they do. have. Anything is possible with a little imagination, and Fours will love using their aesthetic gifts to recreate objects that play with their vibrant personalities. Looking for inspiration? Here are a few recycling ideas to start.

amateur astronomy

As observers and seekers of Enneagram knowledge, Fives will take a keen interest in astronomy – no fancy telescopes are needed. You can learn a lot by simply observing the night sky and becoming curious about what you see. Read books or use an app on your phone like NASA that provides more information about the planets and constellations you are looking at. Fives crave alone time to recharge their batteries, so anything that allows them to spend time alone and learn something new is the perfect pastime. Astronomy will speak to their innate curiosity about the world, but researching a historical event or another part of the world could also be exciting and interesting.


Sixes always have a million thoughts swirling around in their heads. Journaling is a great hobby for relieving stress because it gets all those thoughts down on paper. Since they are prone to worrying about the future, journaling can help Sixes manage their fears and put things into perspective. There are many different journaling styles you can experiment with. For example, there’s the stream of consciousness journaling, where you write down whatever comes to mind for a while. You can also try bullet journaling to stay on top of all those big plans you have or get creative with pre-written prompts. Once you find your rhythm, you may even discover a lot about yourself in the process.


As Enneagram enthusiasts, Sevens are constantly on the move, dreaming up new ideas and making exciting plans for the future. A mindful hobby like yoga allows them to slow down and reconnect with themselves. Sevens hate feeling trapped or limited in any way, so they will love the flowing movements of yoga. Plus, Sevens will enjoy finding their own flow and rhythm. Whether you take a class, find a video, or practice your own poses, you’ll feel more balanced and grounded after a few Sun Salutations.

Create a Club

Strong and confident, Eights are born leaders. They love bringing together the people who are dear to them, especially when they share a common belief, mission or passion. Starting a book club or other organization nurtures an Eight’s ability to lead, inspire, and listen to others. Plus, let’s be honest, Eights love to get into heated debates and challenge others’ opinions (in the most loving way, of course). For Eights, it’s quality bonding time, so starting a club will allow them to share and discuss the things they’re passionate about while spending time with people they care about.


What could be more zen for The Peacemaker than a slow, meditative hobby like gardening? Nines value harmony within themselves and their surroundings, and plants are a natural way to bring tranquility to any space. If you don’t have a garden or it’s too cold to go outside, trusty houseplants or an indoor herb garden can do the trick. Gardening is not only relaxing and therapeutic for a Nine, but it can also be metaphorical for looking after themselves. Nines often set aside their own needs to please others and maintain the peace. However, when they “water” and feed, they can grow incredibly.

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