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LYNCHBURG, Va. – A local business owner uses his love for building to make a big difference in the community.

“I bought the equipment, put it together and learned to fly on my own,” says Jeremiah Guelzo, owner of Stone Blue Hobbies. “The RC hobby of flying was kind of this little niche for me.”

Guezlo was a teenager when he discovered a love for all things remote control – planes, cars, boats, bikes and drones – things he’s shared with the community for over 20 years at Stone Blue Hobbies.

“You learn basic mechanical knowledge,” he says. “How to use screwdrivers, how to use Allen keys, how to separate things, how to put things together.”

It’s those kinds of everyday skills that mean a lot to people like Hal Creasy.

“It gave an outlet for people wanting to build,” says Creasy.

Creasy was a high school student at EC Glass in Lynchburg when he first walked into the store.

Stone Blue Hobbies has an internship program and provides education and training for students at Central Virginia Community College and Liberty University.

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“It was going to be a hobby that I would enjoy for many, many years,” adds Creasy. “Here I am several years later, still doing it and loving it.”

Guezlo and Creasy say the skills they’ve learned pave the way for job opportunities and they hope to help others continue to take off.

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