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Spring is the start of a new year and a new beginning. In Stardew Valley, it’s time to freshen up and start fresh, planning the productivity of the year. Mining, crafting hobbies, and animals aren’t the only ways to milk the fruits of your labor! Players must dedicate farming space to their crops and harvest them to generate the most income.

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There are ten exclusive spring crops to choose from, varying in value and growing time. Each crop on this list has its own growing times and selling points. These are the best crops to plant and harvest in the spring in Stardew Valley!


ten Flowers (Jazz and Tulips)

Although not the most cost-effective options, these spring flowers will both make lovely additions to any farm. The price of tulip and jazz seeds are 20 and 30 gold respectively when purchased from Pierre. Once harvested, these crops both sell for around 30-100 gold each, meaning they’re not really worth the investment of time and farming space.

However, these flowers make perfect gifts and are ideal for increasing the level of friendship with certain villagers. Evelyn likes tulips, while most of the other villagers like them. The majority of the villagers like Blue Jazz, while only Clint, George, and Sebastian dislike them.

9 Garlic

Garlic seeds can be bought for 40 gold and sold for a minimum of 60 gold or 120 gold at maximum quality. This is a quick way to make money, as these crops only take four days to grow and mature, ready to harvest.

Garlic is also a staple in many recipes and can be used to make garlic oil. Players can consume this as a buff to keep bugs and other threats at bay while mining.

8 Parsnip

A Stardew Valley clip. Parsnips are inexpensive and easy to maintain, as they only take four days to grow. Players are guaranteed to make at least 10 gold in net profit, so it’s worth dedicating a section of land to these essential crops.

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They are also essential for cooking recipes like Farmer’s Lunch and Parsnip Soup and for filling packages at the Community Center.

seven kale

Although not everyone’s first vegetable choice, kale is one of the Stardew Valley most profitable spring crops. Kale seed packets can be purchased for 70 gold from Pierre. The harvested crop can be sold for between 110 and 220 gold, depending on its quality, for a total net profit of at least 40 gold!

6 Green beansGreen Beans in Stardew Valley

Players can purchase green bean seeds for 60 gold; pretty expensive. However, one seed can produce a multi-harvest crop. The harvest can then be sold for anything between 40 and 80 gold.

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After the initial ten day growth rate, the crop will regrow more beans every three days. It is an investment culture that is worth it!

5 Potatoes

Potatoes, being a root vegetable, are a strong staple in both a player’s diet and on their farm. They are available for 50 gold coins at Pierre (support local businesses!)

Once harvested, they can sell for as little as 80 gold or double that to 160 gold if the quality is maxed. Potatoes take six days to mature, which means they are a reliable source of income.

4 Rhubarb

Rhubarb seeds cost 100 gold at the Sandy’s Oasis store in the Calico Desert. The Calico Desert can be accessed by repairing the bus, completing the Community Center Vault Pack, or through the Joja Community Development Form.

It is quite expensive but worth it, as it can sell between 220 and 440 gold with high quality crops. Rhubarb takes 13 days to mature, so stock up and plant!

3 Cauliflower

Cauliflower seeds cost 80 gold to buy from Pierre. These heavy vegetables have one of the longest growing times at 12 days, which means they can only be planted twice in the spring.

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They compensate it in profit, however, at 175 gold each, which means a profit of at least 95 gold in normal quality. At the highest grade of iridium, they are worth 350 gold. Having the tiller profession will help you with this, as all crops are worth 10% more.

2 ancient fruit

This strange fruit is not exclusive to spring; it can be grown in spring, summer and autumn and harvested each season until winter. The selling price of these rare fruits ranges from 550 gold to 1,100 gold! Spring is the perfect time to plant spare heirloom seeds to reap the rewards.

However, Ancient Seeds are incredibly rare to obtain. The typical method is to give the first Ancient Seed artifact discovered to Gunther in the museum. Gunther then gives players a crafting recipe to turn artifacts into seeds and a pack of ancient seeds as a kickstarter.

The Traveling Cart also rarely sells a packet of Ancient Seeds.

1 Strawberries

By far, the best spring crop is strawberries! These cost 100 gold at the Spring Egg festival. Players should stock up on these seeds and save them for the following spring season to get the most out of them. Once harvested, they can be sold for between 120 and 240 gold, depending on the quality.

Like green beans, strawberries regrow every four days, which means they are one of the Stardew Valley’s reliable sources of money during the spring season! They are also a perfect gift for villagers; who doesn’t love a juicy strawberry?

Stardew Valley is available to play on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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