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My Samsung Terrace Outdoor TV allowed me to combine my landscaping hobby with televised sporting events.

Last fall, I had the opportunity to combine my passion for caring for plants, flowers, and the lawn around my house with my day job writing about home technology. I was offered a Samsung Terrace outdoor TV for review, which added to my Origin Acoustics outdoor speaker system would help take my outdoor entertainment system to the next level.

As soon as the 65” TV arrived, I emailed my local custom integrator, Millennium Sounds, asking for help with the installation. I’m pretty handy, but I also know my limits. There was no way I was going to trust my skills to hang this particularly tough beast on the brick exterior of my house.

Millennium co-owner Bill Lehman told me his company still looks to Snap One’s SunBriteTV brand for exterior mounts, so I confirmed with him my preference for an articulated model and scheduled the installation.

After unpacking the stand and TV, Millennium’s technical team worked with me on placing my favorite TV right between my patio door and the kitchen window. Because the installation was in November in the Midwest, there wasn’t much time to enjoy movies outdoors unless I really wanted to bundle up. So the major reveal finally happened at the end of May, when I was able to stream the Indy 500 live.

For me, watching the Indy 500 live, without having to spend five hours stuck indoors on a beautiful spring day, was perfect. So was the TV’s crystal-clear 4K performance.

Vroom, vroom. The Indy 500 in May

Thereafter, I spent many afternoons and evenings watching Yankees baseball games while drinking an adult beverage or kicking tennis balls at my dog. The sound quality of the Terrace TV is so good that I never considered adding a soundbar, and the vivid brightness setting for daytime viewing makes the TV vibrant and visible even in the deepest corners of my lawn. At night, I lower the brightness in “cinema” mode just so as not to light up the whole neighborhood with my TV. My only minor complaint is that Samsung doesn’t have an app agreement with Major League Baseball so I had to buy a Roku 4K streaming dongle to attach to the back of the TV to watch ball games on MBL app.

For me, right after watching the Indy 500 outside, I watch baseball games on a hot summer evening or even a periodic Sunday afternoon, while working in the yard.


The flowers and the Yankees are in full swing, in the middle of summer

But, then, a “funny thing” happened to my living oasis in Shangri-La’s backyard. First, a terrible heat wave and drafts, starting at the end of June and continuing until July. My lush green lawn dried out and turned brown, every day the cracks in the ground were getting bigger.

Then when the rain finally came the other day, it was in the form of a severe thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Lightning struck one of the trees in my garden, splitting it in half and leaving a huge mess. Fortunately, no one was injured and no major property damage was suffered. It sounds silly to say it, but all my outdoor tech was spared as well.

The moral of the story is that you can try to bring modern technological conveniences into the natural world, but often Mother Nature will find a way to take back what is hers.

We’re cleaning up the mess right now, and my lawn is starting to turn green again. Eventually, once I’ve (temporarily) tamed my little part of the outdoors, I’ll turn on my Terrace TV again, tune into the favorite baseball team, and listen to the birds chirping as a summer breeze blows. around me. It will be pretty close to perfect.

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