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Greg Boe admits he is “sad and disappointed” to have narrowly lost his legislative seat in the November 8 election, but wishes luck to Lucy Rehm in replacing him.

“I called her and congratulated her, telling her to enjoy the experience and realize what a pleasure it is to serve your community,” Boe said.

Rehm, a Chanhassen councilman, defeated Boe for the House seat in District 48B. According to unofficial totals from the Secretary of State’s office, Rehm received 10,632 votes (51%) to Boe’s 10,215 (49%).

“The people have spoken,” said Boe, a Republican who was seeking a third term. “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve our communities. I am grateful to the people of Chaska and Chanhassen who voted for me and supported me over the past few years.

Boe said he was “a bit surprised” by the result, adding that he had brought “a lot of good education to the Legislative Assembly” with his experience and knowledge of environmental and other issues.

Asked if there were any particular issues that voters worried about, Boe said “it varied from household to household” when he met people in their homes or elsewhere.

Boe said it “is hard to say” whether he will run for political office again, adding: “Starting today I’m just going to enjoy my time with my family and reconnect with them d in a way that I was not capable of as a legislator.

Rehm, a DFL, also expressed her gratitude to her supporters, including those outside the region who went door-to-door on her behalf. “I am extremely grateful to everyone who has supported me,” she said. “I will try not to let partisan politics get in the way of what should be done in St. Paul.”

Rehm, who said a DFL victory in the district “is a long time coming”, admitted that closing the political legislative division could be a difficult task.

“We have to work together on the things that we (both political parties) agree on and fund them,” she said, acknowledging that both parties tend to blame the other when bills or desires favored by one side do not come. to bear fruit.

Asked what she will target, her list is similar to that of many lawmakers, including, in part: climate, mental health, school funding and gun violence.

Rehm said she was “cautiously optimistic” about the win, adding that the victory could indicate that “they are becoming more progressive here”.

Rehm said Boe was “gracious” in his appeal the day after the election.