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War, aerial alarms, distance education… At the start of 2022, our children are limited in everything. Constant news, stress and much less activity steal their serenity. And that’s how you want them to be happy and enjoy their childhood! To occupy the children, parents look for different groups and sections that can diversify their activities. Foreign languages, development courses, programming courses, football, fencing, dancing and painting – there are many leisure options in Chernivtsi. But it is possible to make a correct choice depending on the interest of children and schoolchildren. If you notice that the child perceives this world in a more special way, has good taste, a sense of style, and also likes to paint, enroll him in an art school. And I recommend you hurry while you’re at it Back-to-school recruitment is underway at the Beaux-Arts Children’s Art Workshop “A cameo“. About the schedule and teaching features – they gave.

“A cameo“ – a place where an idea of ​​skin has the right to be embodied!

If you want to shield your child from frightening events, you should interest him in creative activities. After all, nothing distracts and relaxes like this, a creative robot. In addition, she refines the technique, perfects the curls and enriches the inner world. It is the emphasis on the development of creative abilities that the head of the visual arts artistic studio places “A cameo“ – Natalia Kurash. This modern institution and its teacher break all stereotypes about beauty and prove every time that any manifestation of fantasy and the work of every child has the right to exist, even if it is not ideal at first glance. Do we understand all masterpieces? !

To enter the Art Studio, you don’t need to be an artist, you just want to paint and develop yourself. Nataliya Bogdanivna will teach fine tuning techniques during the course. So, abi walked in “Cameos“, you don’t need to take an exam or bring a portfolio. Golovne – have a big wish.

Peculiarities of teaching in an art studio

I draw in an interesting way for preschoolers, schoolchildren and future students. That is why in the art studio “A cameo“ Children from 5 to 17 years old can be taught. To create more comfortable and harmonious minds, Natalia Bogdanivna divides students into four age groups and conducts classes three times a week. Sometimes the director of the art workshop organizes common lessons and meetings to present all the students, and also organizes closed exhibitions for the parents to share the results of the children’s work.

Abi studying in the studio was interesting and really cognitive, the program involves mastering several thematic areas:

• Sketching, painting, composition
• Carving
• Icon painting
• Writing
• Architectural design
• Theory (History of visual arts).

It is important that the training is organized according to all the methodological principles of the curriculum of art schools, so that theory and practice are rationally and competently dosed.

After trying their hand at each of these techniques, children who dream of becoming designers or artists will be able to better determine their direction, prepare their hands and prepare for a creative competition. And those for whom painting is a hobby, master new techniques, new styles and develop manual motor skills.

Enroll in the Fine Arts Art Workshop “A cameo“ possible, phone: 0680401810, 0666231125

Address: Chernivtsi, st. O. Shcherbanyuka, 73 years old

Schedule bots:
Mon, Wed, Fri – Sat from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Facebook: Visual art workshop for children “kameya”

Today, 7:00 p.m.


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