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Our guilty pleasure absorbs as much knowledge as possible. We love learning new things about the world and getting closer and closer to the truth. Look, we’re real Ravenclaws at heart, and the only way to keep us happy is to keep feeding ourselves interesting treats. A few facts a day help ward off the blues. And they help keep our dragon’s library fresh.

One of the best subreddits to get all curious Pandas interested is the online group r/Damntthatsinteresting. A community of over 5.1 million members, Shit is Interesting is a celebration of interesting facts that grab our attention.

We’ve rounded up some of their most interesting cool facts and we hope they pique your curiosity to dig deeper down the rabbit hole, Pandas. Not all facts are pleasant, but that’s life for you. Don’t forget to vote for the facts you enjoyed learning the most and be sure to share the best ones with your friends.

bored panda reached out to u/LydiaAgain, one of the moderators helping run the r/Damnthatsinteresting subreddit, to better understand the community. We also reached out to Alan Castel, Ph.D., professor of psychology at UCLA and author of “Better with Age: The Psychology of Successful Aging,” to learn more about cognition, curiosity, and mental acuity.