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I like to read books… real physical books. There’s something about flipping through pages and using an actual bookmark… that can’t be done on a computer. I’m one of those eccentrics, who still have shelves, with (gasp) BOOKS in them! And I firmly believe that there is no smell in the world that can surpass the smell of a bookstore… except the breath of babies and puppies.

Another of my favorite hobbies is garage sales. Love, love, LOVE them! Last Saturday I hit Lawrence Creek sales with a bang and a boom. It was an outing that mom and I always looked forward to. Now I go alone. It’s not the same thing, but I like it, anyway. But we used to get up early every Saturday morning, not knowing where we were going.

In the summer, there were ALWAYS garage sales every weekend. Not so much anymore. Most people prefer to have online sales. I tried that, without success. But all of you, it’s just not the same.

For me, there’s just something exciting about the adventure…spot that big “garage sale” sign at the end of the driveway, turn, do a quick “scope” of the tables, then dig.

I don’t feel that energy behind a computer screen. I swear if Lawrence Creek stops doing community sales… I’ll have to join a bereavement counseling group.

Even my house reflects my “old-fashioned” hobbies. Many of my friends have advanced on the ‘less is more’ motive, while I’m still stuck in a comfortable state of chaos. Their homes, though clean and easy to maintain, lack the comfort my mind craves. I need cushions, afghans, family photos on display, a half-read book on the coffee table, and a pound cake on the kitchen counter. I also like vibrant and colorful things. Sunflowers, candles and pretty rugs! I love my fake flowers too, y’all. I’m sure most people would think my house looks like a funeral home, because of that… and that’s fine with me. I like what I like and I don’t like “perfection”. In place,

I prefer comfort.

And last, but certainly not least; I like “real” mail. You know…the kind that’s fetched from an actual mailbox…not emails. I check my email once a month…seriously. But I check that damn mailbox every day. Nobody writes anymore. They type instead. Even the most personal words sound like a business transaction. I’m stuck in another time…a fading time. That said: if you’re old fashioned like me and one of your outdated hobbies is receiving snail mail… I’m sharing my mailing address. It’s PO Box 22, Mt. Hermon, La 70450. I’d love to hear from you, and I’ll get back to you!

Fashionable or not fashionable, I think hobbies are important. They provide warm shelter from a cold world.

In closing, I think I’m about to catch up on some reading. Taken from a book. With paper pages. In the middle of six soft cushions.