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THERE IS an easy way to earn up to $10,000 a month on Amazon, and you don’t even have to package or ship your products.

TikToker BizWithJacky is known to his followers as an expert in all things money and side shoves and she explained how to start.


TikToker BizWithJacky revealed a way to earn $10,000 a month through AmazonCredit: TikTok/bizwithjacky

It’s no surprise the content creator shared the path she earns $10,000 a month on Amazonand it’s a side hustle she said anyone can easily replicate.

Jacky finds success through Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

FBA is a service that allows businesses to outsource their order fulfillment directly to Amazon.

So this means that businesses or individuals who sell their products send those items to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, which pack and ship orders every time customers purchase them.

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There is also customer service and returns handling that can be provided for orders, greatly simplifying and reducing the hassle a seller would face in finding customers and getting their products to them.

How can you do it

The startup process is simple.

Jacky said you need to go to

Once there, you can become an Amazon seller.

Next, go to the Helium 10 website.

Helium 10 is a special type of software designed for Amazon FBA and Walmart sellers.

On Helium10, there is a Black Box tool. Registration and use are free.

There is no guarantee that the product you choose will sell.

With Helium10, you can filter and sort criteria to find a viable winning product, Jacky said.

In her example, Jacky chose a glow-in-the-dark dog leash.

She found this item on, listed for just $1.66.

It is important to find a product that is cheap but has enough value that you can rebrand it and sell it for a higher price.

Jacky recommended buying 500 units to start with.

Then, back at Amazon, you’ll ask the manufacturer to mark the product with your own logo on the packaging.

This distinguishes the item from the original, which has a low list price but is likely harder to find online for your target consumer.

Jacky listed the glow-in-the-dark leash at $29, which brings in revenue of about $28 per order.

“Then you’ll start building your list with great keywords that best describe your product,” Jacky advised his followers.

You should also add photos of the product, which will further pique the interest of your potential customers.

“The best part about it is that Amazon picks, packages, and ships your product for you,” Jacky said.

Globally, Amazon has over 175 fulfillment centers, which contain over 150 million square feet of storage space.

This means that there is a minimum of work up front.

It mainly requires the ability to find a promising product and how to price it and market it with keywords.

More tips on Amazon FBA

It’s important to keep in mind that there are additional costs when working as an Amazon seller.

The Individual Amazon Seller plan costs 99 cents per sale, and those using the Professional plan pay $39.99 per month, regardless of how many items they sell.

This means that the professional option may make more sense if you sell more than 40 items per month.

There are also additional sales, shipping and FBA fees that apply.

Despite these costs, selling on Amazon makes sense for the average business owner, whether they’re selling their own products or reselling others.

The majority of US consumers begin their online shopping searches on Amazon, which means your product will be listed where everyone else looks first.

However, keep in mind that with all side hustle, you must report your earnings to the IRS as taxable income.

Other side hustles

Amid inflation and post-pandemic economic uncertainty, more and more Americans are turning to side hustle.

But selling on Amazon isn’t the only option.

You can turn your own hobbies into profitable businesses, like this man who quit his job to start a bird watching site.

Thanks to this alone, he earns $5,000 and can spend more time with his family.

There are also many affiliate marketing side gigs available.

All of this includes promoting a product to your audience and earning a commission from every sale made on your site.

A content creator was able to earn between $5,000 and $10,000 from this business.

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In addition, an engineer quit her job and now earns $10,000 from his blogs.

Meanwhile, a makeup brand owner won $1 million in just eight minutes.