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Stress is a part of every student’s life that you can’t avoid, but stress is always reduced by doing something fun and relaxing. They can opt for a good hobby that will keep them engaged. It can be anything like reading, playing a game, going for a walk or playing music and many more. Everyone has a hobby. Hobbies can tend to improve your mood and reduce stress.

In this article, we have collected a list of hobbies for college students that will help cope with stress and have fun.

To exercise

Exercise is proven to be healthy for the mind and body of man. Exercise is not only good for your brain, but it’s fun. However, few students enjoy working out, so walking can also help them reduce stress. Students are encouraged to take walks daily for at least half an hour and breathe fresh air. This will help them feel relaxed.


Swimming is known to be a great way to relax as it trains the heart and removes stress and tension from the body. It helps to stay active and it’s also a great way to maintain your weight.


Photography as a hobby can be a great source of solace. Thanks to technology, most people have access to a camera on their mobile phone, so you don’t have to spend extra money to buy a professional camera. One can easily try out their photography skills on their mobile phone instead. Photography is fun in its own way because it helps you explore new places, we tend to be creative, it helps create new memories and so much more.

Pastry shop

Baking as a hobby is great for people too busy to go out after a long, tiring day at college. In fact, baking is known to be a great therapeutic activity for people. Baking is a creative process and many psychologists have explained how baking can be a stress reliever.


Games like puzzles or chess should be part of every student’s life. Puzzles are great for developing logical reasoning skills and building mental capacity. While playing chess improves thinking skills and helps students to make decisions. This would bring healthy competition among the children which can lead to productivity in the classroom.

Draw and paint

Drawing and painting should not be limited to art lessons alone. Drawing is a form of virtual art that brings out the creativity of students. It’s one of the easiest ways to communicate visual ideas. Painting is said to not only increase creativity, but it is useful for students as it helps build their confidence and self-esteem. It also allows students to interact with their imagination and create a masterpiece.

To learn a new language

Learning a new language might not be a common hobby or many people might not even find it good, but learning a new language is extremely interesting. Each language gives you a great opportunity to learn a lot of new things. It is not only about the language, but about the countries and cultures linked to it. It will not only help you to learn a new language or new cultures, but it is also very good for your personal development.


It is known to many that reading is one of the best exercises for your brain. Some students like to read but not their textbooks. Reading magazines, journals, novels helps students improve their concentration and connects them to the world. This improves their knowledge and gives them a broader view of life.


Everyone loves music, whether they listen to it or sing it, it’s a nice sound to hear. In addition to being fun, music can develop students’ imaginations and introduce good morals. However, music shouldn’t be limited to a hobby to be done outside of college only.


Most of us may have seen our grandmothers knitting, but these days it is also very popular among the younger generation. Knitting is an archaic skill, although it helps reduce tension and stress, it’s also great for teaching us to focus and concentrate.

In writing

Some students love to write, they love to write their thoughts in their journals. Writing brings out a student’s creativity. In fact, many students these days offer academic writing to others as a part-time job.


Playing sports is a great way to get rid of all the stress and tension accumulated in your body. Whether you choose to exercise in a group or alone, you can produce endorphins in your body, which is great for physical health. Playing sports in the park with friends can also be a good way to expand your social circle.