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The monsoon is a season your pet loves, as the pleasant weather and surrounding greenery are perfect for long walks. Although the rains provide respite from the scorching heat, they also increase the risk of monsoon diseases in pets and care should be taken in taking all the necessary precautions, from hygiene to nutrition. The monsoon is also a low activity time for your children, especially if you are staying in a place where it rains almost every day. Dogs or pets can become restless being cooped up at home all day and it is important to involve them so that they not only stay active but also happy. (Also read: Can dogs have panic attacks? Tips to calm your anxious dog)

“The monsoon season brings with it a lot of challenges for pet parents. Along with the rains being ‘infection season’, this period often results in less activity in pets. A light drizzle can be nice, but A full-throttle rain shower is something most pet parents dread, as it means their pet will be stuck at home for longer periods of time,” says Sakshi Bawa, Founder of Mutt Of Course.

If you’re one of those parents and you’re worried about your pet’s activity status, here are some steps you can take to make sure your pet gets enough exercise even on heavy rainy days.

Make them work: Use interactive toys to occupy your pets. There are many interesting and cognitively stimulating toys that are available for pets in the market. Indeed, if you do not want to invest, you can also create indoor games with discarded bottles and cardboard, but always monitor their play time. If your pet is motivated by food, plant treats for him in home and let him go on a treasure hunt.

Game time: How about a game of hide and seek with his favorite toy or food? Start slowly until your pet can understand. Once you escape, find a spot and call your dog’s name until he finds you. Reward them for their efforts.

Take them to meet their friends: If you’ve invested effort in socializing your pet, now is the best time to reap the rewards of that effort. You can take your pet to meet their friends or even leave them at a closed pet boarding house to make new friends. A covered pet boarding house with plenty of room to run around or a play area can do wonders for keeping your pet active.

To go upstairs: If you have stairs in your home or apartment complex, you’re in luck. One of the easiest things to do is leash your pet and walk up and down stairs. To get variety, you can treat your dog after a full set, pet him, or even verbally encourage him. You can also try the stay command on your dog and release it once you’re at the other end of the stairs, to make it interesting for you and your dog.

Mall/cafe entertainment: You can even take your dog for a walk in a mall or maybe a pet-friendly cafe to allow him to interact with others. Just make sure your pet isn’t stressed about meeting other people and dogs, and doesn’t show any signs of aggression.

“There are lots of ways to keep your pet active on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media. From a DIY ball pit, playing fetch or tug of war, to creating a food-based kong ball activation toy,there are many suggestions for easy indoor activities that you can adapt to your life and that of your pet.These cognitive and physical activities can help your pets to to be less stressed and to stay energized, thus ensuring better health,” concludes Bawa.

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