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Today we lead extremely busy lives. From our many responsibilities in the workplace to the chores that await us at home. There’s hardly any moment that we can truly call ours. Is it any surprise then that you’re struggling to find time for your hobbies while juggling your work and personal life?

In trying to build a successful career, you may end up prioritizing your job, your clients, and your employer. Back home, you must prioritize the needs of your family or children. In the end, you no longer have time for yourself and your hobbies. To have a hobby is to voluntarily use one’s free time to do certain activities that one wants to do. Maybe it’s playing an instrument, maybe it’s cooking, or maybe it’s something else. Hobbies can work as amazing ways to deal with stress. Having a hobby can also help you relax and recharge for the next day at work.

Here are some ways to dedicate time to hobbies of your busy life –

Take your hobby with you

Making your hobby accessible is important. If you like collecting different sheets, take your album with you. If you love to draw or doodle, take your sketchbook or pocket journal with you wherever you go. Bring a book to your doctor’s appointment and read it if the line is long.


Having a partner will help you be more responsible and compel you to devote time to your hobby. While some may enjoy spending their time alone with their hobbies, there are others who feel more motivated to do something when they have a buddy to do it with. If you enjoy working out, find a partner or buddy to join you.

Make it a routine

Once you start planning your schedule around your hobby, you’ll find more opportunities to enjoy it. Make it a routine to fit your hobby into your schedule. If you enjoy keeping a journal or learning a new language, devote 15 to 20 minutes a day to it.

Communicate with your family

Make sure you communicate with your family or other people who rely on you, that you set aside some time for yourself and your hobbies. If you’re going to play badminton every Wednesday night, communicate so you can all plan your other work around it.

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