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Manchester-based social app that makes it easy to meet new people, Relate raised $540,000 in pre-seed funding. After the new cycle, the app will launch in the fourth quarter of this year to boost socialization in a post-covid digital era.

The pre-seed raise has received support from angel investors and high-profile figures, including famous Youtubers, footballers and musical artists such as the music duo Krept and Konan.

Founded by Jack Peagam and Ben Whaton, the new social app aims to pave the way for like-minded people to forge new relationships and build friendships based on common interests and hobbies. In a post-pandemic society, people naturally struggle to get back into the real world and form new relationships. Linkup tackles this problem head-on by providing a unique, free tool that allows users to connect with people in their area, at the moment, making socializing easy to organize and enjoy.

Focusing on user experience, the app will create a seamless way for users to browse different types of links, from social drinks to a game of tennis. Users can simply request to join a bond, and once the creator accepts, they will be added to the bond group chat, which features full event details, including specific location, with security features integrated.

Co-founder Jack Peagam said: “After two years of social distancing, people are still struggling to develop new friendships, learn about new cities they’ve moved to, or even discover new hobbies. We wanted to create something that actively helps users get back into the real world, go on adventures, and do more of what they love.

Casyo “Krept” Johnson, half of the duo Krept & Konan and one of Linkup’s early investors said, “When I saw what Linkup was doing, I was immediately interested. It’s very unique and no one else connects people simply and quickly like this. I truly believe what they are building is going to be a game changer. I saw how I could use it personally but also professionally as an artist. The applications are endless, hence the enormous size of the opportunity.