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A hobby is a great way to get out of your routine and do something you love. But hobbies are not the same thing. Some of them do not bring any benefit, but provide a pleasant pastime. You relax and release stress, but is there food for thought in these hobbies? We have selected the best activities that will be a real exercise for the brain but at the same time will not overload you. Here they are.

If you already have a hobby, like playing live roulette with real dealers online or while playing the guitar, our list can always be useful for you to add more hobbies to the existing ones.

The most popular hobbies

Hobbies can be conditionally divided into traditional activities that have been present in our lives for centuries. First of all, these are:

  • sports;
  • needlework;
  • kitchen;
  • gardening;
  • astrology;
  • reading books;
  • collection.

And in recent years, popular hobbies have added many types, and even the names are not always clear.

Interest in healthy lifestyles is gaining momentum. Sports and hobbies are combined into one whole, especially since there are many opportunities. It’s great if you can go to sports complexes and exercise under the guidance of professionals. But, nowadays, it may require a lot of material cost, and not everyone can afford it. There are less expensive but no less valuable and exciting sports.



It’s a drawing technique that will suit even those who last picked up a pencil in high school drawing class. Unlike other methods, this style does not follow any rules. Instead, it aims to turn off the brain and let the hand display all sorts of squiggles, gradually turning into an intricate drawing. So you can relax at any age because doodling is based on simple shapes – dots, squiggles, circles.


It is the exchange of postcards between people from all over the world. In a world where paper letters are becoming increasingly rare, receiving a colorful postcard from another city or country is nice. This hobby does not require much effort, but nevertheless gives warm emotions. For those who wish to join in the postcard exchange, some unique sites and portals randomly distribute addresses among participants.

Threaded graphics

It is a decorative and applied technique, due to which the image is obtained with the help of threads on a solid base. This creativity will allow the creation of picturesque signs, postcards, landscapes, covers and ornaments – the creator’s imagination limits the final result. Isonit is also suitable for classes with children, as it improves fine motor skills, teaches how to analyze objects and develops aesthetic taste.

book sculpture

This art is treated ambiguously, but it should be noted that this is a way of turning a gray volume into a non-standard sculpture. A three-dimensional image or collage is created inside the book using an arsenal of knives, tweezers, and pliers. This hobby requires perseverance, attention and patience, but the result pays off – the works of craftsmen resemble museum exhibits. Book carving is a way to be creative and create a truly unique masterpiece.


This is another type of drawing that does not require an art school degree. The main feature is that the result is difficult to predict in advance, but it still looks like marble, which gave the technique its name. Marbling does not require special effort: thick paints are added to the tub with water, and the picture is finished with brushes, sticks and other tools. The resulting abstraction can be transferred to any surface – wood, fabric, paper, etc.


It is a technique of painting with light, in which images are created using a camera. This hobby is suitable for the company of friends and family, as it requires teamwork. At least two people are needed: a photographer and a draftsman. Sounds easy, but it requires some skill: when it’s dark, the camera should be set to a slow shutter speed, and at that moment the artist creates an image with one or more light sources in front of the lens. It is essential to think about the image beforehand and keep the axis of symmetry in mind to avoid confusion.

Historical reconstructions

This hobby will allow you to plunge into another time and culture, to feel like a participant in a large-scale battle of the past or to learn about history. Participation in historical reconstruction festivals will help to make bright new acquaintances, as well as broaden horizons. It should be noted that this activity leaves room for imagination and choice. There are many eras for reconstruction, and you can also devote yourself to creating costumes, household items or weapons. However, it is also essential to consider that this hobby can be costly in terms of money.

The right hobby is a source of rejuvenation and energy after a hard day and helps to make you happier. Therefore, it is essential to do what you love, even if it is an unusual activity for most people.

Brain teaser

Brain teaser

The puzzles were created by the English cartographer John Spilsbury in the 176s. He cut a map of the world into several pieces of different shapes and sizes. The students were interested in learning geography by putting them together. Later, in this way, teachers began to teach children other subjects. In today’s world, we are used to children being the ones who collect puzzles. But it also works with adults.

Puzzles develop logic and thinking and improve concentration and fine motor skills. Additionally, you will notice that you have become more patient and disciplined. Agree, it’s better to spend your free time doing puzzles than sitting mindlessly in front of the TV.

Foreign languages

European researchers have found that children who learn two or more languages ​​can remember more information in other subjects. Moreover, it is more than useful for adults because languages ​​greatly develop mental abilities. And learning foreign verbs also prevents Alzheimer’s disease, in which there is a gradual decline in intelligence.

Video games

It seems that so much has been said about the dangers of video games that it is simply impossible to find anything useful in them. But that’s not entirely true. James Alline, Doctor of Psychology, says that computer games are like physical exercise for the brain. There is something to that. After all, one develops multitasking and improves reaction speed. After conducting studies, American scientists from the University of Rochester said that players can solve various strategic problems and memorize more complex algorithms. This, of course, cannot justify the constant sitting in front of a computer. But if you don’t abuse it, you can benefit immensely.

physical exercises

The brightest minds on our planet have always found time for physical activity. And it helped them! After experiments on monkeys, scientists found that primates who exercised coped with tasks much faster than those who did not play sports. Findings! Not only books can help you become more proficient, but also sports. So try to find time, at least to run. It is precious and pleasant.

Classical music

Yes, yes, it can become a real hobby! Why is it good for your mind? Because it has a positive effect on our metabolism and brain activity. This has been proven in many studies. They have been conducted on plants, lab rats and even humans. Even during pregnancy, listening to classics is beneficial because it positively affects the development of the fetus. So why not make it your hobby for at least half an hour a day?