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You know them on the golf course, pounding 200-yard 7 irons, strokes like moon balls and sucking birdies with aplomb. As incredible as it may be to achieve, however, sometimes professional golfers are just as talented in areas other than golf. From outstanding performers to all-round sporting talents, here are some of the most interesting and impressive hobbies of your favorite pro players.

Luke Donald – Art

Cool hand Luke on the golf course also has a steady hand. While at prestigious Northwestern University, Donald studied art, honing a passion for painting that persists to this day. When not playing golf, Luke can be found in front of an easel splashing a golf-themed watercolor or just working on a new mix of paints. With all the details he crammed into his images, it’s no wonder he has such strong hands on the course!

Tiger Woods – Call of Duty (Video Games)

Since the publication of Hank Haney’s infamous memoir, The big miss, the privacy of Tiger Woods is known to millions of people. One of the most shocking revelations from the book was how Tiger spends his free time. In addition to more regular things, like pumping metal into the gym, Woods is apparently a huge Call of Duty fan and a talented player in the game. At the height of his 2009 scandal, Tiger retired to the virtual world. . Munching on bowls of sad Fruit Loops and shooting Russians has become the order of the day.

Paul Casey – Snowboard

Off the course, Paul Casey’s favorite pastime is snowboarding. And he’s apparently a good helping hand on the slopes. However, all this did not save him from a snowboarding injury, which nearly ruined his golf career in 2012. While bombing a steep hill in Colorado, Casey got stung on a rock, flying over his plank and snatching his shoulder from his knuckle. Remarkably, he was able to recover in just two months, although it took him a little longer to get back into shape.

Stewart Cink – Grills and barbecues

While he’s known for his putts (excuse the pun!), Stewart Cink also (sorry again!) Does his teeth into a good barbecue. The American started grilling over a decade ago and now cooks competitively. His specialty is good old-fashioned barbecue, having tamed every style of sauce, from the vinegar North Carolina barbecue to the sweeter styles developed in Memphis. When Cink won the Open at Turnberry in 2009, he even used the burgundy pitcher to drizzle with barbecue sauce, his obsession with the hobby. His passion for grilling paid off in 2013, when he and his friend Chad Parker won first prize in a rib grilling competition at the Atlanta BBQ Festival. A real feat for an amateur chef.

Peter Hanson – Table Tennis

The great Swede Peter Hanson is best known for his performance in the Ryder Cup 2012. But it’s what happened next that interests us here. According to Sergio Garcia and other European players, Hanson is secretly a talent at table tennis, routing the entire European team after the game. It is difficult to fully assess how good he is. For example, Phil Mickelson is also said to be excellent – how would he fare against the Whipped-Hands Swede? Still, it’s an awesome skill to have. I would have liked to have his forehand topspin!

Sergio Garcia – Soccer

Remember that famous video of Sergio Garcia losing it after a bad kick, taking off one of his shoes and giving a drop kick? Well, the clean contact he made was no fluke. The Spanish player is rumored to be a very talented football player and even considered turning pro before finally committing to golf. He is also involved in the sport in an administrative capacity, being the longtime president and chairman of his local club, CF Borriol. See his scorching left foot in action in this clip below from the annual European Tour “Players vs Caddies” match at the Andalusia Masters Valderrama.

Tim Clark – Flying Planes

Fortunately, perhaps for all passengers, the planes we are talking about here are not of normal size. That’s right, Tim Clark is a fan of model aircraft piloting. While this is probably a coincidence, it is interesting that the South African golfer also shares his name with the president of the Emirates airline. A hint of aerial prowess perhaps?

Adam Scott – Surf

Adam Scott not only possesses the stereotypical Australian long locks, good looks and a buff, beach-ready physique, but he’s also an avid surfer. Water is something professional golfers generally want to avoid on the golf course, but on beaches Scott is always looking for a big wave.

Louis Oosthuizen – Agriculture

Most people who win the Open Championship buy a sports car or a new pad; Louis Oosthuizen bought a tractor. In addition to excelling at golf, the South African player is also, unusually, a very passionate farmer, owning a farm on which he spends his free time. From plowing the fields to using heavy machinery, Oosthuizen loves nothing better than tending to his crops and herding animals. In another life he could have been a quiet dairy farmer, raising quality cuts under the South African sun. As it is, most of his time is spent swinging smoothly as a professional golfer, but it’s nice to know he’s always guarding his flocks.

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