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Interesting Hobbies Club formed in a drum practice room at Occidental College that could barely accommodate all of its members. The band captures a raw 90s indie rock spirit, the kind of sound that wears its heart on its sleeve happily and winningly.

They caught our attention with their track “Wednesday”, a song about getting drunk on bump day, but also takes a hard look at the implications of addiction and the impact it has on your loved ones. The track could have been mistaken for a lost Pacific Northwest indie track from the 90s, which we mean in the best possible way.

It’s taken from their upcoming new album, Spring Cleaning, which is due out later this spring.

About the song, the group adds:

At the surface level, Wednesday is simply a song about getting drunk on a Wednesday. However, the song has deeper connotations about addiction and the toll it has on loved ones. Wednesday was written hungover on a Thursday morning, after an intense night of partying. With a memorable chorus and a classic pop-punk breakdown, Wednesday bears witness to bad weekday decisions and rock staples.

Enjoy a listen to “Wednesday” now below.