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Los Angeles-based indie rock band Interesting Hobbies Club are thrilled to release their second album, Spring Cleaning, this Friday (pre-order). Ahead of Friday’s release date, the band is sharing “One Year Ago Today,” the album’s final preview track.

The song is now available to share on Bandcamp and YouTube. The song follows singles “Wednesday”, “Man On Top of the Sun” and “Middle of the 110” which are all available now on streaming platforms for all playlist shares.

Spring Cleaning was recorded in Los Angeles in the fall of 2020 and spring of 2021. It’s an entirely retrospective album and the songs tell stories of failed relationships, mental breakdowns and heartbreaking memories. Yet, hidden in the album’s lyrics, there is some hope for the future.

Interesting Hobbies Club formed in a drum practice room at Occidental College in Los Angeles that could barely hold all four members, let alone an entire drum set. Originally known as Zero Degree, the band was fronted by frontman and songwriter Jules Caspole, bringing his intense, yet sensitive and lyrical indie rock songs to the rest of the band. With drum beats provided by drummer and producer Max Young and the addition of lead guitar by Parker Capp, the band debuted to an audience of friends in a crowded dorm in the spring of 2019. he fall of 2019, the band added bassist Alex Prichett, solidifying the four-piece ensemble it is today.

With the COVID-19 pandemic came a name change for the band and the release of their debut album. Leaving behind the momentum they had gained so far, Zero Degree decided to further distinguish themselves by adopting the name Interesting Hobbies Club. A former German death metal band by the name of Zero Degree had recently released a project, initially prompting the name change. The State of Being Here, IHC’s debut album, was released in July 2020 to the delight of a small but intensely devoted audience of friends and fans.

With live music and social events resuming in March 2021, the band began their most intensive and serious project to date – their second album, Spring Cleaning. The project marks a transition from the dreamy indie folk explored by IHC on its debut album, The State of Being Here, to catchier, riff-heavy indie rock.

Spring Cleaning features vocals, lyrics and songs written by frontman Jules Caspole and isn’t afraid to rely solely on guitar, piano and vocals. After the frantic breakdown of “Middle of the 110”, the band is suddenly stripped down for “Love Will Be the Death of Me”. Despite this, Interesting Hobbies Club’s roots in indie rock continue to permeate this record, from the chorus of “Wednesday,” a song about alcohol and the misfortunes associated with it, to the schizophrenic musings of “Bits N’ Rooms”.

Following in the footsteps of many garage rock artists before them, the album is entirely self-produced by drummer Max Young. Almost every track was recorded in his garage, using every method available. Microphones were hung from rubber bands, blankets were draped over Jules and his microphone for a makeshift vocal booth, and noise complaints were received for loudly mixing the album in Jules’ cramped apartment in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles. Bassist Alex Prichett’s melodic, funk-inspired lines are ubiquitous throughout Spring Cleaning, gently complementing lead guitarist Parker Capp’s jagged guitar solos.

With new lead guitarist Chris Wells replacing Parker Capp, Interesting Hobbies Club will bring their unforgettable live performances to Los Angeles and beyond, promoting live music, good vibes and spring cleaning.

Listen to the new single here: