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As you know, school is only one of the few places where your children can learn. You can also teach them at home. Remember that many educational and fun activities can help develop your child’s skills. Most of these activities combine play and learning. As such, your child will not only learn but also have fun. So what are some of the best indoor summer activities for kids that are educational and fun?

1. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

A treasure hunt is a fun and exciting game that you can organize for your children. You can give them simple math problems to solve as clues to make it educational. As your kids solve the problems, they can unlock more clues to help them determine the location of the treasure. With this activity, your kids can have fun and develop their math skills at the same time.

2. Play puzzles and board games

One of the best indoor summer activities for kids that is educational and fun is playing puzzles and board games. Today you can find exciting board games that will teach your children. For example, the game Explore the World will teach them fun facts about the world. Zingo is another great board game that will help them practice English by helping them recognize words and pictures.

3. Do science experiments

Another fun and exciting indoor summer activity for your kids is to do do-it-yourself (DIY) science experiments. This activity will not only excite your children. It can also arouse their curiosity, allowing them to learn more about life on Earth.

You can find many DIY science experiments online. A classic experiment you can do is blow up a balloon with baking soda and vinegar. You can do this activity by placing baking soda in an empty bottle and pouring vinegar into the balloon. From there, the balloon will inflate, thanks to the gas produced by the mixture.

4. Play an active game

Most of you might think that active games equal fun. However, you can modify active games to make it one of the best indoor summer activities for kids that is educational and fun.

An example is Twister. You can turn this classic game into Twisted Math by placing numbers on the dots. Then you can give a number and challenge your kids to put their hands and feet on different numbers that would add up to the one you mentioned. With this modified Twister game, your kids can practice math and have fun at the same time.