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Julie Y. Daza

We have enough celebrities, stars, and personalities that are consistently shining like the stars. Maybe it’s time to find another meaning for the “I” in Very Important Person or People. For a change, how about me as Interesting?

My first nominee for Very Interesting Person is Matteo Guidicelli, or Matteo G to match the name of his lovely wife, Sarah G for Geronimo Guidicelli.

What makes Matteo more interesting than the usual handsome guys his age, including those who are known to the public (say me, there you go) is his wide range of interests, pursuits and abilities that makes him, which is interesting, multidimensional. He’s a racing driver. He cooks – how lucky can you be, Sarah G – and he hosts a cooking show. He is a role model and consumer product endorser, though not as prolifically as Lucky Manzano.

Additionally, MG is a Second Lieutenant in the Philippine Army Reserve Force. Not content with looking dapper in his uniform, he trained for a spot in the presidential security group as a presidential bodyguard, the first celebrity around to do so. In this new role, his uniform will be a white barong-style shirt. No need to don a songwriter-lyricist uniform for its Sarah who, according to the vine, charges an astronomical fee to sing a song at any event.

Vice President Sara Duterte, if you need a poster boy for your campaign to revive the ROTC program to train our young men for their patriotic duties in wartime and peacetime, MG fits the bill. His last job choice of military and presidential guard says he loves his country without repeating it like a press release. What inspired Matteo of good old Italian stock to join PSG? It seems highly unlikely that it was Clint Eastwood as the US President’s bodyguard who saved him from an assassin in In The Line of Fire, shown in 1993 when Matteo was just three years old.

In the season of bright lights and joyful anticipation, the only sad note for Very Interesting Person Guidicelli is his beloved Sarah’s FB message to her parents, in which she reiterates her plea for their forgiveness two years after challenging them. to marry Matteo.