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Along with considering the origin of any indoor greenery, Rimes says it’s equally important to base your choice on exactly where a plant or arrangement will live in the home. “Plants perform best in spaces that accommodate growing environments,” she says. “While a bird of paradise can transport your mind to a tropical location, it’s not the right fit for a dimly lit environment or a moody library or lair.” Instead of a plant for these spaces, she suggests trying filling a ceramic container with lots of dried eucalyptus in varying lengths or a bunch of cut branches or twigs from your favorite garden tree. “The result will be a very satisfying work of sculptural art.”

Plants as art

Plants and flowers can also inject an artistic element into a space, experts say. “Until recently, ikebana-style minimalism was popular in floral arrangements,” says Enis Karavil, creative director of Istanbul’s interdisciplinary design studio Sanayi313. “But nowadays there is a trend towards more artistic creations featuring a mix of bold and vibrant colors and textures that result in unique and expressive arrangements. Using sculptural flowerpots or crafted vases by artists, the art is somehow integrated into the landscape or arrangement.

That said, if bright and bold isn’t your thing, there’s room for simplicity, adds Karavil. “Regardless of color or design aesthetic, I believe green brings a dynamic and peaceful feel to any room. I prefer primitive plants, those with large, dark-toned leaves.

Rimes also advises considering both texture and scale. “Choosing plants with a variety of leaf sizes, heights, shapes and textures can make the space feel more inviting and natural,” she says. “Grouping potted plants in sets of two or three at varying heights can look sculptural and anchor any room. Long creeping branches and unruly low-maintenance leafy greens can be a centerpiece on their own, bringing drama and impact to any space.

If you’re tired of replacing faded arrangements every week, solutions like Preserved Flowers from Nordbloom (pictured) may work.

Photo courtesy Nordblooms

Flowers that hold

A vase of fresh flowers is an instant mood booster, but as soon as their vibrancy begins to fade, the mood quickly turns to depression. There’s also the sustainability factor to consider – not everyone likes the idea of ​​regularly acquiring fresh flowers, which are often shipped over long distances. However, artificial flowers can be difficult to digest for some aesthetes. Fortunately, a happy medium now exists.