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Artwork by Ziauddin

My hobbies are what make my life worth living. Is your life worth living? Yes. How? Is it worth living because of hobbies?

Few of us have the passion to love our work, but we have to love! So let’s get involved in some hobbies and see how satisfying and enjoyable life becomes.

But what kind of hobby should you adopt? Well, there are countless things that can be called hobbies because a hobby is something we do “in our spare time for fun or relaxation”. It’s whatever relaxes us and we do it often – reading, cooking, crafting, collecting key chains, pens, etc. So chances are you already have a hobby, but you don’t know it qualifies as a hobby.

Let’s look at some popular hobbies and how they enrich our lives.

While reading

The first possible hobby is reading. Reading has many benefits. It improves your writing, improves your spelling and grammar, and increases your vocabulary. The reading is therefore very instructive. However, it is also very fun and exciting because you are in another completely different world. This is what makes reading a very good hobby.

Reading is my favorite pastime and I really don’t know what I would have done without books. Reading broadens your horizons and gives you something new and different to enjoy. You can learn almost anything by reading a good book on the subject. Even if you choose to read fiction, you may learn something useful in your life.

Embroidery and knitting

You can also indulge in embroidery or knitting as a hobby. One of the many benefits of both of these activities is that they are portable, unlike most other hobbies, such as woodworking or painting. Your embroidery or knitting kit can easily slip into the side pocket of a backpack or the small corner of a handbag.

Both of these activities can also lead to stress relief and be very relaxing.

Craft activities also result in tangible and useful products that can lead to increased self-esteem. Doing this also gives you a goal. It’s like a goal that you feel you have to reach and that you keep going until you succeed in reaching it. It is a very good addiction. Once you start knitting or embroidering, or any other craft for that matter, you just won’t be able to stop. You will want to continue over and over again.


We can also adopt cooking as a hobby. Cooking is a great hobby for many reasons. Knowing the basics of cooking can be a great way to eat healthy. Also, eating home cooked food is much more economical than eating out.

Cooking is a very useful hobby and today it has evolved so much that there is a lot of room for creativity. Cooking also requires very few resources, most of which are already present at home. And it doesn’t require any specific qualification to start either, you just need to have a passion for tasty cooking.


Another hobby that one can take up is gardening. Gardening is a very good hobby because it requires physical effort and it also connects us to nature. Gardening keeps you active.

According to a study by a team from Kansas State University, tasks like mixing dirt and filling pots make our hands stronger. Gardening is great exercise for body and mind. Besides the obvious weight loss benefits, studies have proven that gardening lowers the risk of depression, lowers blood pressure, and lowers blood cholesterol levels. Gardening is also helpful in reducing stress.


Another possible hobby that we can adopt is photography. Photography adds so much value to our lives by recording special events, people, places or things, as well as helping us learn and grow as people. It allows you to share your experiences in a more meaningful way, via pictures, online or in print, and photographs can be given as gifts.

Photography is a hobby that almost anyone can do. It’s actually a very unique hobby for that reason, because no matter your age, fitness level, or technical ability, you can still participate. Photography is a hobby that is practically accessible to everyone nowadays thanks to smartphones which now have very good cameras, so you don’t even have to spend extra money to buy a camera as it was before, before the advent of phone cameras.

Play music and sing

The second hobby you might want to take up is singing. Music is an important and beautiful part of our lives. Music brightens the heart and relaxes the mood. Music raises consciousness, changes mood, develops the brain and lowers stress levels. Making music your new hobby can heal your body and soul, making you a happier, more balanced person.

Learning to sing or play a musical instrument requires a lot of practice and patience, so you can develop the habit of hard work, patience and concentration, which will help you in all other things of life. life.

Physical activity

Another very good and interesting hobby is exercise. Physical hobbies, such as exercise, sports, and dancing, are a great way to train and promote good health. Physical activity helps stretch and tone muscles, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, burn fat, balance blood sugar and reduce stress. All of these exercises also increase your lifespan. Exercise is also very good for your brain as it can stimulate brain activity.

Exercise can also improve relationships. Some exercises are done alone while others can be done in groups or teams. You can build good relationships with people who are interested in the same exercises as you.

Exercise can also put you in a good mood. Exercise has been proven to release endorphins (the feel-good hormone) and reduce stress levels.

Last but not least, exercise is fun and enjoyable and that’s what’s most important about having a hobby – having fun and having fun.

So the next time you’re bored, try doing one of the hobbies listed above, or any other that interests you. There’s a lot to do at home this summer and if we start exploring, we can have a lot of fun staying busy over the holidays.

Posted in Dawn, Young World, June 11, 2022