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A popular grandma’s hobby from the 2000s is enjoying a resurgence now. Scrapbooking is once again making history. While this may remind some of us of our grandmother, you might be shocked to learn that this “granny hobby” isn’t quite just for grannies anymore.

Matt Zajechowski of Northstar Inbound said, “Gardening. scrapbooking, image booking, you know, we kind of think about the older generations that have adopted these uh, but what we’ve kind of seen in our data and just like other new stories that have been out there , under 40s, millennials, Gen_z are really starting to get into those old school grandma hobbies.”

Scrapbooking once considered a thing of the past, but not the case, says Zajechowski with, a site that provided interesting results from a survey of where grannies’ hobbies were most popular across the country and of course, South Dakota reigns supreme for scrapbooking for 40 and under.

“Scrapbooking was the most popular grandma’s hobby we found in South Dakota. So we surveyed people and we also looked at an analysis of Google search trends. »

With adults finding themselves indoors for days on end during covid, these ‘old ladies’ hobbies have satisfied quite a desire to have a little slice of home.

With Hillary Hill, a longtime South Dakota scrapbooker says it may be an old-fashioned hobby that goes way back in her family. “I started scrapbooking when I was 20/21, I think. My mother had introduced the concept of scrapbooking when I was in college and gave me some of my first scrapbooking items and kind of showed me how.

Hill’s mother, Chris Kaitfors, says she was introduced to scrapbooking a long time ago. “I started in the 90s, probably when my kids were in middle school and high school. It’s kind of fun. I think I’m doing it wrong.

And now Hillary’s kids have come to love this grandma’s hobby and have fun. Now Hill’s daughter Addie explains why it’s a great hobby for her. “Our mom started us, but it was fun doing it with them. It’s kind of cool to look back at the ones we did a while ago. And Grace says scrapbooking brings back fond family memories for her. “Scrapbooking is a lot of fun for me because like when you have so much fun traveling and you come back and scrap it, it’s like having fun again.”

How can we be sure that an old grandmother’s hobby is back in style? Well, just talk to Kim Ozland of Slip Knits in Rapid City. She says her sales have increased “I’ve worked really hard to stay open during covid and to stay active and keep people engaged to keep people interested creating new ideas and now people are coming back.” And his clientele has rejuvenated, “one brother was a little better than the sister at first and then it became a bit of a competition and it was so awesome and now they’re both really good crocheters and making hats and do things but they just came because they saw it and wanted to try it and now they do things and they continued with it which is really fun especially when they work with each other the others. I think they are 8 and 9 years old”

According to the survey, the states most interested in granny hobbies in general, Vermont got number 1 with Maine and Montana taking 2nd and 3rd place and South Dakota taking 4th and 5th place for Alaska. These old-fashioned grandma’s hobbies might just be worth keeping, because they live on in our memories for much longer than we thought.