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The Future Legends complex in east Windsor has added a 167,000 square foot dome that will serve as an inclement weather training site for teams using the new sports facility.

The inflatable dome was installed on Wednesday. It stands 96 feet tall and is large enough to hold a 110-meter long grass pitch as well as fields for other activities.

According to a press release, Future Legends said the dome will serve as an indoor training facility for the Northern Colorado Owlz. It can be configured for one FIFA regulation size soccer field, two youth baseball or softball fields, four flag football fields, one lacrosse field, 16 volleyball fields and nine basketball fields. ball, according to the press release.

Plans include joining a two-story restaurant and bar that will offer views of the dome. Just outside the dome will be 16 pickleball courts and four beach volleyball courts.

The dome will be ready for public use this winter.

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The Future Legends complex in Windsor is seen from the inside; it will be a facility for inclement weather training or scheduled events. (Courtesy of Future Legends)