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Capture your family ties indoors with vivo X80. image source: vivo

The season for beach trips, pool parties, hikes and other outdoor adventures is officially over – now come the rainy days. But just because the day can’t be spent outdoors doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to bond with the family indoors.

Here are some exciting activities to do with the whole family when everyone is stuck at home on a stormy day.

Play cards and board games

Play cards and board games as a family this rainy season.  Photo Courtesy: Pexels-maps-6333892/[LINKOUT'Pexels':https://wwwpexelscom/photo/high-angle-view-of-a-man-opening-a-vintage-board-game-and-finding-ration-cards-6333892/[LINKOUT'Pexels':https://wwwpexelscom/photo/high-angle-view-of-a-man-opening-a-vintage-board-game-and-finding-ration-cards-6333892/
Play cards and board games as a family this rainy season. Image source: Pexels

Playing cards and board games are a timeless and classic pleasure. There’s nothing quite like having a playful competition with your parents or siblings at Scrabble or Monopoly, an intense game of chess, or a (hopefully) healthy game of Uno.

Host a movie marathon

Watch new movies with the whole family while snuggled up in this cold weather.  Photo Courtesy: Pexels[LINKOUT'Pexels':https://wwwpexelscom/photo/adorable-little-asian-children-watching-fascinating-movie-with-mom-4474020/[LINKOUT'Pexels':https://wwwpexelscom/photo/adorable-little-asian-children-watching-fascinating-movie-with-mom-4474020/
Watch new movies with the whole family while snuggled up in this cold weather. Image source: Pexels

What better way to spend rainy days than snuggled up in a warm blanket, drinking hot chocolate while watching your favorite movie? There’s no need to leave the house and brave a downpour to see your favorite actors and actresses on screen – all it takes is a few taps on your laptop or smart TV remote.

Cooking with the kids

Cooking with the kids will make for a memorable bonding experience this rainy season.  Photo credit: Pexels[LINKOUT[LINKOUT
Cooking with the kids will make for a memorable bonding experience this rainy season. Image source: Pexels

What could be nicer than snacking on cookies and cakes? Bake them. Let the kids participate in baking their favorite treats, so they can try out the whole delicious process. It can get a little messy, but baking sweet treats is a rewarding learning experience.

Have a dancing or singing evening

Sing along while you stay with your family inside.  Photo Courtesy: Pexels[LINKOUT'Pexels':https://wwwpexelscom/photo/a-woman-singing-on-stage-6173860/[LINKOUT'Pexels':https://wwwpexelscom/photo/a-woman-singing-on-stage-6173860/
Sing along while you stay with your family inside. Image source: Pexels

Rain, rain go away, come back another day, sing it loud and proud, and add some groove to it. Trying to sing along to your favorite songs will surely brighten up your day.

Create new memories

Take beautiful shots with the new vivo X80.  Photo courtesy: vivo
Take beautiful shots with the new vivo X80. image source: vivo

Wonderful memories can be captured by taking photos and videos, which can serve as keepsakes that you and your family can look back on as you travel down memory lane.

One way to best capture these memories is with the vivo X80, vivo’s latest smartphone variant in its X series. vivo, one of the country’s leading smartphone brands, is known for redefining experiences with its products, especially its imaging capabilities.

This new smartphone features a camera powered by ZEISS technology, allowing users to capture high-quality, professional-looking photos and videos. The vivo X80 series features a ZEISS T* coating in its camera lenses that helps improve image quality, presents rich and vivid colors, making photos bright and clear even when the sky becomes too much. gloomy due to heavy rain clouds.

vivo says it replicated ZEISS’ primary anamorphic lens, which powers the phone’s cinematic video bokeh and cinema-style bokeh features. Thinking of doing some TikTok dance challenges with the kids? Be sure to record those moments using the vivo X80’s cinematic features to create your fashionable masterpiece.

Dance in the rain

The newest vivo x80 presents high quality photos and videos to capture moments with your family. image source: vivo

Did daddy take the kids out to the garden to play and dance in the rain? Snap a photo of that precious moment using vivo’s motion autofocus and panning that allow users to take great action shots, keeping subjects clear while blurring the dynamic background . No need to worry because vivo X80 series is protected by IP68 function, which makes it water and dust resistant.

In addition to all this, the vivo X80 series also includes vivo’s exclusive V1+ chip which has an integrated super image quality AI system. The vivo X80 Pro houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the latest 5G platform on the market today, to go along with the V1+ chip for faster performance and less lag.

Stay connected even with the lights off

Sometimes the rain can get too heavy and cause the power to go out.

Keep your phones powered up with the vivo X80 Pro’s FlashCharge which can support 50W wireless charging. The phone packs a 4700mAh battery which can be charged up to 70% in 19 minutes and can reach full battery in 37 minutes.

On rainy days, it’s best to spend some quality time and capture new memories with your family indoors.
The vivo X80 sells for 45,999 pesos through the official vivo e-commerce site, Shopee and Lazada pages.

Find out more information and updates by visiting vivo’s official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

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