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I don’t know about you, but countless weeks of dark days and freezing nights just aren’t my cup of tea.

Instead of stuffing myself with shows and eating all winter long, I decided to find new ways to keep myself busy during the cold season.

Here’s what I learned along the way trying a few new hobbies as an adult.

Pottery: 9/10

I try so hard not to destroy this bowl(Provided)

Before I entered my first wheel throwing class, #PotteryTok convinced me that I was going to walk out of there with a mini masterpiece.

Within two minutes, my ego was humbled as my sloppy lump of clay spun quickly like a tornado around the wheel and nearly flew away!

I took my foot off the pedal, wiped the slate clean (and my ambitious spirit) and tried again. This time with less determination and more patience – and a work of art was born (well at least I think so, anyway).

Pottery made me do two things: it made me be present and made me slow down.

I’m giving it a nine because it was a good reminder that things always seem easier on social media, so it’s important to lower your expectations and not give up; and two, you’re never too old to learn a new skill.

I walked out of class feeling so zen and accomplished.

Cost: $80 for a two-hour class (also includes the bowl icing I made!)

Drawing: 7/10

Drawing took a lot of patience but the satisfaction of seeing these pictures hanging on the wall is worth it!(Provided)

I haven’t picked up a pencil or paintbrush since high school and after trying pottery I had no idea how this difficult task would turn out.

I was tired of staring at the boring white walls of my office and looking for a personal touch to bring them to life, I thought “why not?”

I got some inspiration online and got to work.

First of all, it really tested my patience and redeemed the frustrating perfectionist in me, but despite that, there was something wonderful about sitting in a sunny place, listening to good music with just my pencil and paper.

It required a serious connection between mind, pencil and paper, but I can see why they call drawing “mindfulness” for adults – it totally took the stress away.

After hours of sketching, erasing, and several crumpled pieces of paper later, I finally did it and really surprised myself.

I bought a few frames, hung them up and now my walls give energy to great artists.

Cost: $36 for three frames, paper and permanent marker.

Climbing: 4/10


Let me tell you, this is no hobby for a little queen.

I’m used to being close to the ground and I prefer that.

Halfway through my first practice run, I hear the instructor telling our group, “climb to the top”.

My heart sank for two reasons: I’m terrified of heights and second, your safety depends almost entirely on whoever is down there holding you by a rope, so you better hope they know what’s going on. she does.

Do you know what motivated me to reach the top? Realizing that I was surrounded by a group of 12 year olds.

Today wasn’t the day I was going to let little Sally beat me to the top, so I activated my spider senses and climbed until I got there.

While I felt pretty proud of myself for overcoming my fear of heights, it used a lot more energy than expected. It felt like a full upper body workout!

I think I’ll stick to the gym where my feet are firmly planted on the ground.

POINT: Whatever you do, don’t look down.

Cost: $27 for the day.

Reading: 3/10

The best thing about this activity is that it is (almost) free.

I try to love reading, I really am – mostly because of my weird addiction which has led to shelves of self-help books I buy and never read – plus the big stuff that I learn when I finally finish a book.

But it required a lot of concentration. What I know a lot of people struggle with during a pandemic.

But I won’t give up – there are too many books on my list to go through.

Maybe I’ll switch to fiction with a spicy romance novel to see if it revives my desire to read again?

Cost: Free (other than the cost of the book).

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