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RALEIGH, North Carolina, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to recent polls, one-third of Americans have secondary agitation today and 20% are exploring it. FestivalNet offers individuals the opportunity to discover ways to turn their passion into a profitable career or a side hustle. As more and more people quit their nine-to-five jobs to focus on the hobbies they love, FestivalNet has continued to help artisans, artists, bands, vendors, booking agents and festival-goers to help this creative community discover ways to make their hobbies profitable. Whether individuals are looking to supplement their income, offset rising costs, or transition into a full-time job that fulfills their dreams, there are more opportunities than people realize to tap into their passion. for profit.

FestivalNet helps enthusiasts turn their passions into dollars in two different ways:

  • They provide an online marketplace where artisans and artists can sell their work. Similar to other online sites but much cheaper

  • They are building a network of festival goers, vendors, bands, booking agents, musicians and artists to enable individuals to discover the best festivals across the country to sell their art and perform their music, as well as to connect with those looking for talent. .

FestivalNet is free for everyone to come and explore the events. Users can easily search by distance, category or postal code. Once users find an event that looks interesting, they are greeted with key information about those events as well as other related events that might pique their curiosity.

FestivalNet offers several levels of membership depending on individual goals. Their Pro membership allows artists, bands and other hobbyists to find all the best shows in their area or across the country. This membership provides guidelines on how to apply for events along with full details. This also includes the possibility of selling their products on the market. The Pro Membership includes everything individuals need to take their hobby to the next level and start making a profit from it.

FestivalNet also offers a basic subscription for festival-goers or those who want to learn more about how FestivalNet works. Basic membership is free and offers individuals a way to discover festivals and events via FestivalNet. The free membership also allows event organizers and promoters to list their events on the FestivalNet website. This helps create a comprehensive network of festival-goers and promoters looking to connect with artists, musicians and artisans.

FestivalNet streamlines the process of connecting hobby enthusiasts looking to turn their passions into careers with online vendors, event planners, festival-goers and buyers. For those looking to leave the nine-to-five behind, or for those who have already done so, FestivalNet offers the perfect platform to discover opportunities to turn the hobbies they love into profitable careers.

Sign up today and receive your first month of Festival Net Pro subscription for only $1. You can find more information about FestivalNet membership levels at:

About FestivalNet:
FestivalNet has served the festival community for over 25 years by publishing the most extensive and comprehensive database of festivals and fairs around the world. North America. The purpose of the FestivalNet Marketplace and Community is to expand the reach and presence of professional artists, artisans and musicians and provide them with new opportunities to connect with vendors, promoters and audiences. Since 1996, FestivalNet has generated over 1.3 million monthly visitors and published data on over 17,000 festivals, art exhibitions and other events.

Ready to take your hobby and make it your career? Get started today with FestivalNet. Learn more and register to become a member at:

Contact: Festival Net
[email protected]


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