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As Drew Barrymore isolated herself with her daughters, Olive and Frankie, she also decided to pursue a few new hobbies in the pandemic. Although she confessed to being afraid of all the death in the world around her, she wanted to show her daughters that there was still life to hope for. So she became a landscaper in her new home and started a vegetable garden. And she also bought chicks to help raise adult pet chickens.

Drew Barrymore | Jason Howard/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Drew Barrymore turns to nature ‘in the face of the peril of mortality’

In Barrymore’s lifestyle book, rebellious housewife, she notes that life felt like it was “on hold” as she was “locked inside” with Olive and Frankie due to the pandemic in 2020. She had also recently purchased their house and it was still new to them.

The wise star shares that she was home alone with her children for “several months” and wanted to find projects that could help restore some of their optimism. “In hindsight, I realize how much I turn to nature in the face of the peril of mortality,” she writes.

She undertook new efforts despite ending every “max” day of Zoom meetings. “…There wasn’t much energy left after school and trying to get [The Drew Barrymore Show] off the ground,” she shares. But she still wanted to help her kids focus on “something that represented life…”

Drew Barrymore bought chicks to raise with Olive and Frankie

Barrymore writes in Rebellious Housewife she bought six chicks from a hatchery. Then she and her daughters placed them all under a heat lamp and cared for them as they matured. “The chickens grew and started to look really different,” she shares, “and finally left the heat lamp to go outside.”

“We wish they had laid eggs, but they weren’t old enough yet,” she adds. In a 2020 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show on pet fashion and chicken sweaters, the beauty mogul shared photos of her own pets with adorable names like Sparkles, Ferdinand and Blanche.

Drew Barrymore started a vegetable garden and landscaped his yard

With no one to help him but Olive and Frankie, Barrymore decided to go to work in the yard as well. “I took my yard, which was completely bare when I bought the house – it was really just a beautiful blank canvas of brown grass – and went to work,” she wrote. “I learned to plant boxes of vegetables so we could eat the food I grew.”

Barrymore shares that she “started to become [her] own landscaper” through visits to the nursery and well-researched plant purchases. But the superstar kid learned more than how to plant things. She also discovered the items she was farming.

“I learned about perennials and conifers,” she explains. “I learned which plants bloom when and what their Latin names are.”

She decided to take on the project “wholeheartedly” and notes that she found it “so inspiring” to work with nature and watch the brown grass transform “into beautiful blooming floral life”.

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