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Let’s not lie to ourselves here – we’ve all seen a list like this come up.

Omicron’s recent spike ultimately led to Loyola’s decision to hold most classes online for the first two weeks of the spring semester. Additionally, students must receive their reminder and provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test upon moving in.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your ecstasy to start classes), this window of time opens the door to new hobbies to start in 2022.

Here are four mindful ways to spend your free time after a long Zoom conference.

1. Logging

There’s a reason it tops many quarantine hobby lists.

Some people are intimidated by the idea of ​​journaling because they feel compelled to write something compelling every time they pick up a pen. In reality, journaling can be anything you want it to be; some choose the journal approach while others write daily affirmations.

The Five Minute Journal is a gratitude journal that’s a personal favourite: it invites you to reflect on the positive things that happened to you each day. As the name suggests, it will only take five minutes when you fill it out. Each pair of pages comes with an inspirational quote, which sounds cheesy but is fun to read when you’re feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

2. Crosswords

Your grandparents are on to something when you catch them completing the daily crossword puzzle.

Rather than spending countless hours scrolling through TikTok wondering how your “For You” page got so wild, you can channel that energy into completing a puzzle – it’s oddly satisfying and rewarding.

In case a regular crossword might seem like too much of a task, there are also mini crosswords that require much less attention. The puzzles get harder and harder as the week progresses, so you can think of this hobby as daily brain training.

As a Loyola student, you might as well use your free subscription to The New York Times to download the app and find out what the Games section has to offer.

3. Photography/Cinema

Older forms of media (handycams, films, disposables) are becoming increasingly popular in today’s era. There is an inexplicable nostalgia with the products of these forms of media that has warmed the younger generations.

Just because you don’t have one of those vintage looking cameras doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Capturing moments doesn’t make more sense if they come from high-end equipment. Stories can be told even with a simple photo on your phone – not to mention it’s infinitely more convenient.

The best part about photography is that you don’t have to be exceptional when it comes to editing. Let’s be honest here, none of us know what we’re doing on VSCO. All standards and limitations are made solely by you.

4. Cooking

I’m sure no one can pinpoint what it is about The Great British Bake Off that makes it possibly the best reality show to binge on.

It will take a lot of practice before you get to the point where measuring ingredients is second nature, but until then you can progress to competitor levels.

If you’re a little crazy, I suggest you follow this classic chocolate chip cookie recipe – the vanguard of the good-baking empire.

However, there’s no judgment in picking up a frozen batch of sugar cookies if you’d rather kick back and relax in all that baking stuff. Technically, you’re the one making them, so that counts.

Either way, there’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a hot, freshly baked dish that you’ve made (or thrown in the oven) yourself.

Rather than repeatedly consuming the same three social media apps you open in the morning, it can be worth spending that time filling out a journal, capturing the sunrise by the lake, or even following the recipe at back of a Betty Crocker cake mix.

With the first day of e-learning under our belt, there’s no reason not to explore different hobbies that will make the next two weeks a little more carefree.

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