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Slogging for a considerable number of hours with a pencil in hand is not a recipe for success. It is suggested to implement the right technique and follow the right process to be successful. Any mistake in this regard will not give positive results but will lead to a poor finish.

More importantly, since it’s a consequence, it would be better if you could break it. The same logic tends to exist when it comes to a competition like the main JEE. To put the best foot forward, you have to put in place the right technique. Opting for the wrong preparation methods will hinder your progress. This will cause stress and impact your overall experience. For the JEE sector, always prepare from NCERT Chemistry Class 11 books because they are considered the best. Below are mentioned some mistakes that students should avoid during JEE main preparation.

Not focusing on the basics

It is strongly recommended that students stick to NCERT Books Class 11 Chemistry during their preparation. They can head to reference books after they finish their course. The book syllabus for classes 11 and 12 is an integral part of the main JEE exams. While you are studying for your board exams, you should make sure that you revise the subjects in the same way. If there is an exam fast approaching, it is better if you can solve the questions from previous years and then revise the subjects specifically.

Lack of conceptual guidance

A visible trend is that students prefer a method-based approach rather than applying conceptual understanding to topics. At an initial level, such an approach may suffice, but it may become a problem for students at a later stage, although it is formulated on similar lines, the questionnaire, if old-fashioned, becomes difficult to understand. It is always best to apply concepts in each subject you study.

Don’t fall for the traps

As students regularly practice similar questions, a tendency develops where they are able to interpret and solve problems based on the self-interpretation method. As for the multiple-choice questions, they are worded in a misleading way. Be sure to read and understand the questions thoroughly before trying them out. Since they are completed with negative answers, do not mark them as there is a negative mark for a wrong answer.

Stay away from stupid mistakes. It is better to do well in sample tests and exercise papers because to some extent students become self-confident. This results in major errors and a lot of time is lost on the calculation part. There’s no point in losing focus when solving a quiz in the first place.

He makes sure that the solution has been solved correctly at each step. During an exam, students avoid long questions because they feel it takes a lot of time. But the basic belief is that long questions are relatively easy to solve. So don’t ignore it and miss it.

Giving up hobbies

In an attempt to fully concentrate on their studies, students end up giving up hobbies or activities that they love to indulge in. An approach of this stature could reduce enthusiasm, accumulating stress levels, leading to poor performance.

With a stress-free approach, you are able to grasp topics better. The moment you engage in physical activities, it allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle which is important during the exam preparation period. It would be better for students to sign up for activities like yoga, spa, etc. to keep their mind fresh.

Do not doubt your own abilities

This is one of the major blunders that students make during their exams. If you give doubts about your own abilities, it would lead to frustration and create a scenario where there is a lack of confidence. Have a positive mindset and trust yourself to the best of your abilities. To do well, implement a goal-oriented strategy. For students who are unable to cope with such problems, they should formulate a long-term goal strategy. In the future, you can reduce the time period between the two. But make sure it’s not something that shouldn’t be done in the last 15 days.

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