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Earning money online became a trending issue some time ago, and since then a wide variety of options have been discovered. Some of them revolve around hobbies and enjoyable activities like streaming, blogging, drawing, etc. A smaller number of money-making online gigs require you to have strong specialist knowledge, and the profession of betting tipster can be an example of an art. The target audience of betting companies is always growing regardless of the situation, and the recent global expansion of these companies supports the thriving state of the industry and increases the demand for tipsters and guide services. They will consult you on everything related to sports betting: how to download the 22bet application as in this guide:, or how to create an account on 1xbet. These are natural and essential questions that people seek answers to when they get their hands on sports betting for the first time in their lives. Tipster services are the second part of this behind-the-scenes activity, and you can not only ask them for advice, but also become a tipster yourself and start profiting from it. In this article, we will look at how tipsters can make money online and how they actually work. Let’s cut to the chase.

Start with a tipster career

Although the internet is full of different online courses, you will not find any of them on sports betting tipsters. The main reason for this is the low demand, as only a few dozen people in the world are really interested in becoming tipsters. So, you have to prepare yourself, but it’s not as difficult as you might imagine. The career of a good tipster starts somewhere in the same place as the journey of any bettor. You will devote your full attention to learning everything you can about the sport discipline in which you have chosen to specialize. This involves a thorough knowledge of rules, teams, line-ups, statistics, etc. until eternity. And while any bettor can get started fairly soon after learning, a tipster needs to have really comprehensive skills in this area. You will ask many people to follow your advice. But why would they trust you if you can’t tell the difference between Manchester City and Manchester United? Start building your personal brand early on in your journey and always be competent in what you say or post. A small mistake can cause worrisome problems, including undermining your credibility.

What is the point of being a tipster?

This question is fair enough to ask. Sooner or later comes the day when you’re ready to go public with your tips, and that’s exactly when you can start earning your first money. Usually, sports betting tips are offered for free, but smart bettors will always doubt free stuff on the internet. The most successful tipsters create their own simple websites or even Telegram channels, which are easier to set up and manage. You can charge your audience for access to your tips (i.e. access to part of the closed website, forum or fully private telegram channel). But all the options mentioned above can only work if you have a reputable brand, a proven track record of your previous predictions, and maybe something exclusive that differentiates you, your content, and your rivals’ content. . Unlike freelancing, you can join a tipster platform like Tipstrr, create your own account and start making predictions there with fixed payouts. There is no better option, however. It is up to you to decide if you are more into your own project or if you want to join another operational platform.

“Winning” triple occupancy

We will continue our investigation focusing on your personal tipster project, and now things are going to get a little spicier. The biggest advantage you can find is directly related to the “win-win-win” logic, which we are going to explain to you. Each of the words “earning” explains the money you can earn while maintaining your own tipster business. The first highlights the fees to access your predictions, which means bettors will be charged to read your predictions. The second and third “earnings” relate to bookmakers’ affiliate systems. You can request such a system from almost any existing international bookmaker and start receiving a percentage of the bookmaker’s net income from every customer you redirect from your website or channel. Regardless of the results, you will be rewarded with a fixed percentage of the staked amount. The result of your prediction is no longer relevant in terms of winning money: profit from prediction, profit from winning and losing of customers. In addition, you will continue to win indefinitely on future bets of your redirected customer.

This affiliate system has long been criticized around the world because its existence can cause several problems. Predictions are never something that will definitely happen; it’s a game of chance, yes. But some avid tipsters focus on building their following, gaining traction in the tipster field, and then forget where they started and what their main goal was: to create reliable predictions and advice based on in-depth analysis, experience outstanding personal and principles. of probability. They produce 20 predictions a day, and maybe only 3 of them get enough time and effort to maintain their quality. Some of them are perfectly clear about their potentially biased approach and do not hide that they make money not only from advising, but also from bookmakers. But even if you manage to keep your desire to read the advice of such a person, the doubts will never leave your mind because the tipster is more interested in the maximum number of bets, not in their quality. This is exactly what bothers society the most.

And again, it’s up to you. Your personal brand will always work for you, and even if you decide to join such a system, there are things you can do to secure yourself some extra income while maintaining the trust of your audience. You can state that you are financially associated with bookmakers, but your number one goal remains the same: the development of your own tipster project. Be open about your performance and provide clients with honest and public statistics about your previous predictions. And focus on the motto of quality rather than quantity.


Making money as a sports betting tipster is a pretty real thing. If you are willing to devote a lot of time to become a master, you can reach enormous heights in the long run. You are in charge of everything, and this has its own advantages. You don’t have to work 9 am to 5 pm every day and you can combine business with pleasure by doing something that is both rewarding and enjoyable for you. Beware of potential issues with customer trust, personal promotions and the dual nature of such a business. And of course, good luck if you want to give it a shot.