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High-flying Chicago Bulls superstar Zach Lavine recently sat down with GQ Sports on their YouTube channel to talk about 10 essential things he can’t live without. The NBA star shared some of his all-time favorite items like dominoes, poker chips, cars and more. But he mentioned one thing he has in common with many NBA players. Like Hall of Famer Michael Jordan and 2021-22 NBA Finals champion and MVP Stephen Curry, Lavine loves golf.

Stephen Curry and Michael Jordan love golf. And for Curry, his obsession with golf runs deep. Not only does he play in his spare time, but he also competes with others. He recently competed alongside Phil Mickelson, Charles Barkley and Peyton Manning in Capital One’s “The Match: Champions for Change.”


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On the other hand, Michael Jordan got into golf because of a competitive point of view. And for him, it’s the hardest game to play. Everyone knows about Jordan’s fierce competitiveness and can be seen playing golf in celebrity charity tournaments.

Zach LaVine and his love for golf

During the interview, LaVine revealed that golf clubs are definitely essential for him. He said, “I’m a basketball player, obviously I love basketball but I think I’m addicted to golf… It’s fun man, it’s a challenge. And I think that’s why I love it really. You know, I want to get good. I got good in a few years… But I want to get to, you know, that elite status…”


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The Bulls superstar also admitted that athleticism doesn’t guarantee success on the golf course. And that requires learning the right techniques.

LaVine also mentioned a few of his favorite golf courses like Riviera, Pelican Hill and Silver Leaf. Zach LaVine has had a great basketball season this year in which he on average 24.4 points and took his team to the playoffs. But there are still uncertainties about his future in Chicago.


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