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Let’s get things started and do a quick thought experiment, shall we?

Who is the richest ?

Someone who works eighty hours a week and earns $450,000 a year,


Someone who works 20 hours a week and earns $250,000 a year?

Insert the Jeopardy theme song here…!

There is no right or wrong answer, as several strong arguments can be made for both.

If you break it down in absolute terms, the person making $450,000 has more money. However, the person earning $250,000 is more productive per hour and has much more time available after the workday is over.

Your choice says a lot about who you are as a person, your mindset, and the stage of life you are currently living. I encourage you to think about WHY you chose the answer you made.

For instance…

You may be in a middle age phase, the finest of your income generating days. You work hard every day to grow your passion business as big as possible. You want to build wealth while things are going well and while you have the energy to do so. One day you plan to slow down.

Perhaps you have a more balanced lifestyle and would instead choose to earn less money, work fewer hours, and enjoy hobbies or adventures outside of work with your family, friends etc For you, wealth is more about living than working.

Again, there is no right or wrong answer. We are all in the position you are in and we need to do what is best for our situation and personality as an investor.

Ok, let’s try another thought experiment…

This time, we’ll assume that your investment dividends and interest income pay for your lifestyle expenses. Therefore, your income is separated from your time because your bills and activities will be paid even if you are not working.

Does that sound like a wealthy person and a way of life to you?

If so, you probably intuitively understand that wealth is a byproduct of assets operating independently of your time. Take a moment to think about this…

Wealth is a by-product of assets regardless of your time.

Does this thought give you the idea of ​​freedom to do the things that excite you, make your hair stand on end, and allow you to spend more time with those you love? !

This is certainly the case for me.

With some of my free time, I help out those not so lucky through local charities and fundraisers. I started the 100MenWhoCare group in our town, where we focus on raising $10,000 in 60 minutes with 100 men donating $100 each.

My daughter Mirabelle and I participate in the BrainFreeze Challenge, where our team dives into the icy waters of Canada to support youth mental health programs. Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death among young people? I didn’t and was both shocked and saddened by this statistic. Shamelessly Taken Alert – Would love for you to help us support the cause!

I’m also a passionate inventor who designed and created the world’s first flying jet surfboard – VeFoil!

How to have time for all that?

Because my brain thinks and works differently than almost every other trader and investor, maybe even nobody, I know.

Start making your capital work for you, then you can help others.

My life’s work is helping individual investors and financial advisors get rich. I help them make more money with less effort and less risk by only holding assets that increase in value. When that particular asset trend ends, we reinvest our capital in a different asset that started a new uptrend.

This asset return strategy allows investors to avoid and even profit from falling stock and bond prices without taking on additional risk. In fact, it can reduce portfolio risk and volatility if you engage in the revesting process.

What I do is very different from the old Buy-And-Hope investing strategy of the past. You know, the one we all grew up with. The strategy hit us as soon as we learned about money and was trumpeted by virtually every investment advice you could find. Only now, instead of the “big money” we were almost promised, we are seeing most portfolios take a nasty dive and will likely end in a painful flop.

No, just no. He doesn’t have to be that way and is definitely not in my world.

What I do is quite the opposite. No diversification, no buy and hold, no positions sometimes, and I manage positions to control risk and reward. These are things you probably don’t do, and a way of investing you won’t find with an advisor unless they’re a client of mine.

I do this by helping knowledgeable financial advisors and individual investors embrace the idea that by using technical analysis we are able to follow price trends very closely to know when a trend has ended and a new one has started. I only invest in the most liquid assets (stock indices, bonds, etc.). I also endorse the use of systems that work without our time and energy, which continue to work for us whether we sleep, play or vacation.

Closing the loop, this happens the same way dividends will arrive and be deposited into your brokerage account no matter what you do elsewhere.

How to automatically generate income with this new way of investing

They are:

  • Dividend payments from index ETFs
  • Bond ETF interest payments
  • Interest income on stock loans
  • Wallet growth thanks to the return of transactions (we locked in a 5% gain yesterday in SPY)

Now, if you don’t know anything about trading or investing, that’s fine.

And if you value your time and don’t want to think about managing your investments, that’s no problem either.

I want to be as efficient as possible and not have to do anything that can be done for me.

This leads to the automatic execution of an asset return strategy in your brokerage account. I believe human error is the reason most traders fail to make money consistently. People’s emotions, lack of self-discipline, missing trades, incorrect trade order execution, etc., all lead to investment underperformance.

For these reasons, I offer automatic trading of my main strategy for free. I know this is the best option for individuals to build wealth on autopilot with less risk and less stress. And I’m all for a world where we can spend more time and energy with the people, events, passions, etc., that make our cups boil over.

The bottom line…

Having an asset recovery strategy to put your capital to work while you sail, golf, work, sleep or travel is like having another profitable business earning you money…only without the headache.

I explain exactly how this process works below if you want to learn more.