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Check out some of Jungkook’s interesting real-life hobbies

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Boy band BTS is literally the most popular boy band we have in the entertainment world right now and all thanks to amazing music and content, all of them have managed to touch the epitome of fame and fan following. The whole team have come together several times in the past to ensure success and Jungkook has indeed led them like a champion from the front.

We all know Jungkook and his fascination with creating interesting music and dance videos. But hey, how many of you know about some of his other hobbies? Well, today we spill the bean.

According to reports in elitedaily, some of Jungkook’s best hobbies are drawing, filming, boxing, playing sports, and spending time with his dog Gureum. Absolutely adorable, right? For more updates stay tuned on

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