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“Don’t just look at life. To participate!”

That’s the tagline of Baltimore-based startup HobbyBuddy. Their goal is to help people connect with locals who enjoy the same hobbies or activities. You can register alone or as a couple and participate in activities in your hometown or while traveling. HobbyBuddy could be considered a one stop shop for finding things to do and great people to do them with.

To get involved, simply set up your profile, choose the activities you like – either from a list or there’s space to add your own – then join the events already created or create your own. Activities can range from something as elusive as a basketball game to a week-long trip to Japan. Membership is free, so the only costs are for the activities themselves. To find activities or events, you can search by location, date or type of event.

As for the HobbyBuddy tag, the founders simply remind members that “if someone sends you a Hobby, it doesn’t mean they’re offering to treat you (although that would be nice). Sending someone a hobby ‘un is like saying, “Hey Bud, I’m going to do this fun activity, I just wanted to let you know. I’d love to HobbyUp with you.”

Although HobbyBuddy is based in Baltimore, all events are created by members and therefore have the potential to take place in any city where members exist. This feature differentiates the company from some of the hyper-local social media startups.

Most people have a hobby they’re passionate about, and even those with more solitary hobbies, like sudoku or knitting, enjoy hanging out with other people who share their interests. Although they still have a few bugs to work out, I think HobbyBuddy provides a much needed service in the social media space.

Kristin Pryor is a writer with interests in startups and entrepreneurship.