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HIS PERFECT DATE: Go to Lucky Strike Fenway

LAST THING HE READ: running against the tide, by Captain Lee Rosbach of Under the bridge

MARRIED: 34/ graphic designer

HIS LEISURES : Bowling by candlelight

HIS PERFECT DATE: Do something unexpected or stupid



Ryan To prepare, I bought a new dress shirt. I also took a wonderful nap to calm my nerves.

Married I had a mini dance party in my room to shake the nerves.

Ryan I was ahead. She was on time. I give people the benefit of the doubt when traveling through Boston. Delays happen.

Married The server led me to the table. Ryan was already there.

Ryan I immediately thought she was pretty. I loved her curly hair. She behaved confidently.

Married Her hair was a bit messy (but mine often is too). He was well dressed and didn’t seem too nervous. I noticed he was very tall, about 6ft 6in.


Ryan She is originally from Missouri and is a graphic designer. She moved to Boston last year and is trying to make new friends and integrate into the community. She is obviously devoted to her community and likes to try new experiences. It is an attractive quality.

Married We talked about our respective neighborhoods, volunteer opportunities, and Boston in general. We talked about his family, his hobbies and his travels. Also, what have I done since moving here and what my impressions of Boston have been.

Ryan We both love bowling. I haven’t been there for a long time, but I would go, maybe with her.

Married We are both into media and bowling.

Ryan We shared a piadine which had prosciutto, fig, arugula, fontina and gorgonzola. She suggested it because I had never had it before. It was excellent.

Married I ordered a pasta dish which was amazing. We both had clean plates and empty drinks at the end. The server was knowledgeable in his wine and food recommendations.

Ryan About halfway through our time, I thought she was fun, interesting, smart, and thoughtful. I really liked him.

Married The conversation was easy, but I didn’t feel much chemistry. With the exception of college, he has only ever lived in Boston. I’ve lived in six cities as an adult and I’m not committed to staying in the Boston area. He also said his cooking skills stop at “scrambled eggs.” While it’s a fun fact, not being able to cook more than eggs or very simple foods in your 30s and 40s isn’t appealing. I love to cook and to be cooked for, so that was a bit of a deal breaker too.


Ryan After two hours, I was tired. I needed to go home and rest. We left the restaurant and I told her that I enjoyed our time together.

Married It was as if our conversation had run its course and it was time to go. We went out and thanked each other for the evening.

Ryan She gave me her email.

Married He mentioned he would be open to being friends, so I gave him my email.


Ryan I would love to see her again, either romantically or platonically.

Married No. Not much in common and at different stages of our lives.


Ryan /B+

Married /B-

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