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First John Wick took refuge in you. It remains the lowest-grossing film in the series, the form of film that looks like 1,000,000 action actors until they actually see it. But as soon as you probably did, two problems became clear: there may be a lot more. John Wick the movies are coming and they are going to be sold out many movies strive be JohnWick.

find out more John Wick has been a shed for little success within the Hollywood industry for nearly a decade. (Netflix can’t help but air copycats.) But the series was perhaps the most intriguing starting point for the three main actors behind the main film (and its sequels on various levels): the author Derek Kolstad and co-directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch (who weren’t talked about in the first film and are still unrelated in any way). Kolstad wrote the following two John Wick movies; Stahelski also directed them (as well as his forthcoming fourth film), while Leitch Suppository– little (but a lot) Suppository-inspired) makes big-budget Hollywood movies. Not unhealthy for some stuntmen with wacky concepts.

However which ofSuppository Are the movies perfect? with Leitch’s FAST TRAIN now in theaters – and the vampire movie quarter dayWe look at the movies Stahelski produced, hit Netflix, wrote, directed, or produced outside of the Wick Cinematic Universe. Most of these movies are John Wick However, as you will see below, it is not always the same spark. Appears prefers it to replicate Suppository magic is as troublesome for these guys as it is for anyone – and their attempts to venture into new territory are just as difficult.

This pathetic action-horror comedy from Jamie Foxx John Wick a world-building narcotic – in this case, imagine a reality where leeches wreak havoc in the San Fernando Valley and a secret guild of vampire hunters is required whose sole purpose is to destroy them. Produced by Chad Stahelski – and composed by his frequent collaborator Tyler Bates – quarter day It’s a typical Netflix offering, with the expected outlandish action sequences, plus some humor that means we shouldn’t take it too seriously. However, while Foxx and fellow nerdy Dave Franco have several hilarious moments with a cop friend, the film seems far removed from his wit and ingenuity. John Wickwith director JJ Perry (stunt on the first two films) Suppository photos) features a fairly common styling move. say something about quarter day He says it’s best done by Snoop Dogg, who performs a succinct gun hunter.

Reunion with Brad Pitt, a former collaborator Battle Membership Director David Leitch, who served as his stuntman, FAST TRAIN as a technique to eliminate Suppository-ian straitjacket. And in his personal approach, Leitch escapes that locker…will just be trapped in each other. Really, FAST TRAIN It feels like a calculated work of the Tarantino/Ritchie formula, bringing together a very colorful assortment of underworld operators all boarding the same train, the weird dialogue flying as wild as bullets. Pitt works hard to emulate the simple freshness of a movie, alongside good actors like Brian Tyree Henry, Michael Shannon, and more. pulp Fiction, but even the battle scenes appear as derivatives. Leitch turns out to have a fiery form, but substance and spirit are much harder to track down.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead took it Suppository Discovering he’s been poisoned, he becomes a ferocious murderer with just 24 hours to track down whoever killed him in this multi-action thriller. Director Cédric Nicolas-Troyan, a visual effects artist who previously directed the totally forgettable film Hunter: Winter Battleoffers kate Just the right amount of gritty, neon-lit environment as Winstead fights melee with aplomb. Leitch produced the movie, which was an awful Netflix plan that was hampered by silly B-movie conventions. must finally keep – and finally bond with.) However, Winstead is every bit as compelling as her stance – especially given Kate’s weakening. the unfolding of the film following a poison that slowly consumes its power – kate in no way does it look like more than a Frankenstein-esque patchwork of familiar plots and predictable twists. (Spoiler alert: having a number one actor in a truly minor supporting position is a clear hint that he’s more important to the narrative than we first thought.) Enter with low expectations and maybe you don’t. won’t be too upset. .

If nothing else, Dwayne Johnson seems positively content to be in a situation. Quick and livid The movie without Vin Diesel. And for a short time, this spin-off promises to be a pleasant joke, following the feuds of Hobbs (Johnson) and Shaw (Jason Statham), who reluctantly work to defeat the evil, super-powered terrorist Brixton (Idris Elba). A commercially profitable 12 month post manager Lifeless Pool 2Leitch will move further and further away from stolen carnage John Wick and atomic blonde for a larger set of movement elements aimed at honoring the increasingly ridiculous chaos Quick and livid sequence. Nevertheless, it loses some of its character over the course of. There’s no shame in that – idiosyncratic filmmakers always stray from their essence after making a giant, impersonal sequence – however Leisure and Shaw Particularly considering how hilarious Johnson and Statham can be with the precise materials, the film is so empty, joking back and forth, that it feels like a failed alternative, and it’s simply an okay giveaway. While it’ll probably be a kicker to see Vanessa Kirby steal her slightly more well-known co-stars’ image as Shaw’s rugged sister, that’s not the case.

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Leitch should have appeared as an odd alternative to lead the staff. dead Pool The sequel, especially since director Tim Miller helped make the first film such a hit. However, when there were artistic swings between Miller and star Ryan Reynolds – a battle Miller certainly couldn’t win – Leitch stepped in. Lifeless Pool 2 there are sequences of stable movements although not obligatory really want John Wick film. In fact, Reynolds said Leitch was employed because it might make a small price range look higher – true, but maybe John Wick Talent set. Nonetheless, Leitch does a competent job – but now that it’s confirmed he can do it, it’s probably not quite worth the time he spent doing other work. dead Pool Payment. He and Reynolds seem to understand this; The next sequel is helmed by Reynolds collaborator Shawn Levy, which is for better and much worse for Leitch. Deadpool 3.

Derek Kolstad wrote it all John Wick – and simply john wick movies, with that one exception – as the first movie in 2014. (For what it is, it’s uncredited in 2023 Wick jeans 4.) and evidence-based NobodyIt’s true to say that she’s a bit of a one-trick pony. Regardless: This fun pandemic throwing move recreation works largely thanks to Bob Odenkirk’s stunt position as a mild-mannered dad who’s secretly a ruthless murderer. Nobody a little in addition tons Suppository clone. (Once again, there are Russian villains, sliding one-liners, relentless set pieces, even One Good Man taken too far.) Still, watching Saul Goodman beat life seems expensive. brutally entertaining for 2 hours apart from individuals. You can’t take your eyes off Odenkirk, but they probably shouldn’t push their luck for a sequel.

Remember infinite flow? Charlize Theron is a star of pure motion — she’s physically spectacular and beautiful, but also has a depth that’s hard to match — and when this movie hit the asphalt in 2005, you wondered if she had another option. THIS. However as soon as Mad Max: Fury Highway Many directed by Theron’s Furiosa, on his own John Wick It was the next logical step. Walk in atomic blondit was also Leitch’s first solo concert after being discredited with Stahelski. JohnWick. Theron’s icy composure and ability to risk a wounded heart at the same time – as well as his exceptional ability to punch people in the face – are somehow good for Lorraine, a hypocritical spy who should fight her way out of any unimaginable situation. The plot itself fades into the background, but Theron’s battle scenes, both nimble and reckless, spill into memory banks in a beautifully choreographed yet unpredictable approach. Can we have a John Wick-Lorraine staff?

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