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Jayne Walsh

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently revealed how their three-year-old son Archie likes to spend his time at their home in Montecito, California, and his hobbies are delightfully surprising.

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Whether it’s petting farm animals at their very famous neighbor’s house, Archie’s favorite party activities, fruit picking and even non-traditional royal skills that Prince Harry developed during their father-son bonding period, we take a closer look at Duchess Meghan’s ideas of his interview with The cup.

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Archie enjoys petting mini piggies

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex already revealed to Oprah Winfrey last year that they had a chicken coop at home, but they have since developed a very close relationship with their neighbor Victoria Jackson who owns a large ranch populated by farm animals. The former makeup artist and entrepreneur often invites the Sussex children over to her Santa Barbara farm.

Meghan says Archie and their one-year-old daughter Lilibet Diane enjoyed spending time there, telling The cup this “The kids went to pet Jackson’s mini piggies.”

Interacting with animals is great for child development

Meghan celebrated her 41st birthday at Victoria’s estate in August. So Archie must have been thrilled to run around the sprawling “petting zoo”.

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Archie loves bouncy castles

Like all toddlers, the eldest of the Sussex children loves attending his classmates’ birthday parties, and Archie had a glorious time diving into bouncy castles – with Meghan joining him!

Bouncy castles are a classic

In fact, Meghan confessed The cup that when the family recently arrived at one of his friend’s birthday parties, “everyone was surprised”. A mother was unsure if she would be allowed to join them inside, but Meghan encouraged her to do the same.

Archie loves dancing to Prince Harry’s beatbox

Whenever Archie or Lilibet are a little groggy after a nap or someone needs a pick-me-up, Harry loves beatboxing and it seems Archie likes to dance too.

Harry’s memorable gag during the Invictus Games broadcast

Meghan’s explosive latest interview saw Harry dancing to his beatbox like it was the most natural thing, with the whole family having fun.

No doubt Archie will have something in common with his uncle Prince William since Harry and William love rap so much that they invited Kanye West to be part of the “Concert for Diana” lineup in 2017, which was held in honor of their late mother.

Archie loves fruit picking

With the Sussexes now living in Santa Barbara, which at one time produced 40% of all fruit in the United States, it’s no wonder little Archie took up fruit picking.

California offers the perfect climate to grow your own fruit

Archie will happily arrive at his school gates with “a week of freshly picked fruit for his classmates”.

The most abundant produce around the Montecito family home are citrus fruits, figs, avocados, and bananas, but the easiest fruits for little hands to pick are those without pungency. blackberries.

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The Sussexes are stuck in life in California and with Harry taking on tasks such as fixing sprinklers from neighbor Victoria Jackson, we can’t wait to see what hobbies and skills Archie learns next!

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