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An interesting leisure club has present joys: Alex Prichett of indie rockers Interesting Hobbies Club spoke to us about his Current Joys experience.

Alex Prichet: Last Saturday I went with the rest of Interesting hobby club, our four-piece indie rock band, at the Current Joys performance at the Wiltern. To say the experience was captivating would be a huge understatement. Entering the main hall of the Wiltern, we were swallowed up by the throngs of thousands of fans – musicians, artists and pretentious indie kids like us – who had made the pilgrimage to see Current Joys live.

Almost immediately after we descended and squeezed ourselves into an open space in the crowd, we were approached by a tall, overly friendly, bespectacled 20-something and a smaller guy wearing a beanie and a Jeans. They introduced themselves to us and we struck up a beer-fueled conversation that traveled everywhere from music appreciation to an impromptu group therapy session. It was bizarre, of course, and perhaps more moving than the setting called for. But for anyone familiar with the music of Current Joys, it’s exactly the kind of conversation you’d expect to have.

Nick Rattigan and his team took the stage and were greeted by a chorus of cheers.

“Take off your T-shirt!”

“Play the curse of surfing!” »

“I love you!”

Heckling, jokes and professions of love in chorus throughout the room. As they launched into an amped-up version of their perennial hit song “Kids,” it was clear how dedicated the thousands of fans packing The Wiltern were. Jumping up and down, we shouted the lyrics alongside the rest of the room. I will remember the rule-defying weed smoke, surfy chorus guitars and live amplified bass drum for the rest of my life. The importance of live music goes beyond just witnessing a phenomenal performance. The ability to create music that brings together a community of like-minded musicians, artists, and weirdos is what makes a live gig truly great.

Interesting Recreation Club has current joys: Interesting Recreation Club is playing Goldfish on March 15th. The new album Spring cleaning is out now.