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7 Side Jobs for Agriculture Students in 2023

College students still want to earn their own pocket money while studying and that doesn’t have to change for agriculture students! Agriculture students can use their knowledge and hobbies to earn money while adding work experience to their resume.

Starting and running a business is a skill in itself, so if you are looking to advance your career during your student life while earning money, keep reading about the 7 side jobs for agriculture students in 2023 mentioned above. below:


If writing is your hobby, blogging is your best bet! You can write about any topic you’re passionate about, whether it’s related to farming, food, makeup, or even the weather. Since farming is both a science and an art, make sure that blogs are well written and reviewed by an expert. It takes a while for the website to gain traction and make money, so be sure to share every blog you write with your peers to get the maximum reach.


Agriculture is a huge subject to study and it can be hectic for some students. However, if you excel in this area, why not help others improve? You can start a YouTube channel or a Zoom class tutoring service or even offline courses for students. There are many students seeking to join agricultural colleges and you can help them get into these colleges by taking entrance test courses.

Pastry shop

Now, if you’re more of a foodie and love to cook, then this post is for you! Imagine this: you receive orders for cookies, cakes, donuts and more and earn a good income doing what you love the most! If that’s not the best way to make money, then what is?

Content Writing

All businesses and businesses need writers to help them write their content and with so many agriculture and agriculture-related businesses around the world, it’s obvious that agriculture content writers are needed. Most businesses need their product description, blogs, and how-to guides written for them, and they need someone with agricultural knowledge to do that. So go ahead and pitch your work examples to companies and work as a freelancer or part-timer.


As a YouTuber, you can create all types of agriculture-related content. From career guides to tutorials, exam prep videos, subject-based courses, and even scholarship programs. It’s all the content your audience needs, so views will be pouring in to your YouTube channel soon!


Farming needs a face to wear and if you think you have what it takes to promote farming practices, then influence might be best for you. All you have to do is use your platform to promote innovative and productive farming practices, support farmers, and most importantly, help new interventions reach farmers.


You must be wondering why gardening is on the list here because it is obvious that gardening is not profitable. Where is it? If you even have a terrace garden with 20-25 healthy plants, you can sell them online or offline for a good profit. It’s a bit like running your own little nursery. So, if you are a grower and want to make a good income from your love of plants, then you better start growing more!

First published: November 19, 2022, 05:44 IST