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Has anyone else ever had that sudden urge to pull themselves together in the middle of the night? The first two weeks of a new year feel like this. There is renewed enthusiasm in the air and the Josh is ‘high sir!’ This is the perfect time to set your goals for the coming months and dive into new beginnings. Take a break from the doomscrolling and invest your energies in learning a new skill. Here are some fun and more creative hobbies to dip your toes into in 2022:


A longboard, as the name suggests, is longer than a traditional skateboard (i.e. usually between 30 and 33 inches). Longboards range from 33 inches up to 60 inches. Skateboards are more associated with tricks while longboards are for cruising. The longer and wider base makes it easier to maintain balance, especially for beginners. And of course, the added benefit of adding this to your list of creative hobbies is that you can navigate, while people must love…walking.

Flow Arts

Therapeutic means of self-expression, the fluid arts consist of a variety of movement-based disciplines, such as poi and staff rotation, hula hooping, contact juggling, and other forms of object manipulation . Described as moving meditation, practicing an art of flow can help you achieve present-moment awareness called a “flow state.” Crafting with the added benefit of mental health ticks all the boxes for me.

Learn a new musical instrument

From guitar and ukulele to drums and bongos, there are a variety of options to choose from. We recommend you try the kalimba which is a modern version of the ancient African instrument mbira and easy to learn. It consists of a wooden soundboard and attached metal tines that are plucked to produce a soothing sound.

Floral composition

Relaxing and rewarding, the practice of floral art is a great way to express yourself creatively. Start by learning the basics of flowers and understanding the techniques for cutting, packaging and storing them. You can make floral arrangements for everything from decorating your home to gift bouquets. It’s one of those creative hobbies that I see myself turning into a business.

Hand lettering

Fusing calligraphy with more modern fonts, hand lettering is a soothing art that uses brush-tip pens and markers instead of pointy nibs. It’s about controlling the pressure to create strokes. Incredibly soothing and fairly easy to learn, it lets you explore and develop your own personal style with just a little practice.


creative hobbies

With sustainability and recycling becoming the way to go, needlework is a wonderful hobby to take up. Crocheting, knitting, embroidery and more are not only fun ways to produce something unique and useful, but also great stress relievers. And hey, another one of those creative hobbies where you can create something beautiful.

Building terrariums

creative hobbies

Want to try gardening but not ready to commit? Try building a terrarium. Terrariums are miniature gardens inside airtight containers like jars and bottles that are usually self-contained with very little care on your part. This is a great DIY project for plant lovers.