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Stuck inside with the kids trying to figure out what to do? You’re not alone. Whether it’s a sick day or bad weather, at some point parents everywhere will think of the best indoor activities for kids.

Maybe you’ve ever considered reading a book or releasing some board games, but what about making your own game or putting on a puppet show? With a little creativity, indoor activities can be fun for the whole family.

Parents stuck indoors with their children may worry about the time spent with their children in front of screens.

Laura Linn Knight, author of “Break Free from Reactive Parenting,” told TODAY Parents that screen time isn’t always so bad and can be intentional.

“It’s the perfect time to watch family favorites together,” Knight said.

She continued, “For those days that feel too boring and you feel like leaving your kids in front of devices for hours, my suggestion is to plan your activities in advance.”

More fun activities for kids!

60 indoor activities for kids

Whether you’re looking for a simple card game or something more elaborate like throwing a DIY pizza party, here are 60 indoor activities for kids.

  1. Try an art project.
  2. Create a sensory bin.
  3. Read a new book.
  4. Do a science experiment.
  5. Shoot marbles.
  6. Make a bird feeder.
  7. Watch holiday movies.
  8. Play hopscotch with masking tape.
  9. Make homemade slime.
  10. Make a puzzle.
  11. Fold a paper airplane.
  12. Paint a pet rock.
  13. Have a paper airplane contest for the distance.
  14. Read a new book.
  15. Plan a treasure hunt.
  16. Have a picnic indoors.
  17. Color seasonal coloring pages.
  18. Host a kid-friendly trivia night.
  19. Draw a self-portrait.
  20. Draw a family portrait.
  21. Write in a journal.
  22. Make a list of the qualities you like in your friends and family.
  23. Stretch or do yoga.
  24. Write a list of goals.
  25. Practice typing.
  26. Make a gratitude list.
  27. Paint with watercolors.
  28. Create a playlist with your ten favorite songs.
  29. Host a dance party.
  30. Create an inner tent or fort.
  31. Host a kid’s joke contest.
  32. Make your own puppets.
  33. Make a puppet theatre.
  34. Play dress up with old costumes.
  35. Try a new recipe.
  36. Host a game night.
  37. Make a scrapbook.
  38. Do a household chore.
  39. Create and send cards to family and friends.
  40. Host a clay building challenge.
  41. Build a cardboard fort.
  42. Learn a classic game like chess or checkers.
  43. Write a poem.
  44. Learn and recite a classic poem.
  45. Make ice cream.
  46. Play cards.
  47. Learn a new card game.
  48. Create a time capsule.
  49. Play “Simon Says”.
  50. Decorate windows with cling gel shapes.
  51. Host a DIY pizza party.
  52. Decorate t-shirts.
  53. Make an obstacle course.
  54. To learn a new language.
  55. See how many jumping jacks you can do in 60 seconds.
  56. Play “Marco Polo”.
  57. Have a meal together.
  58. Play a board game.
  59. Build Legos.
  60. Play iSpy.