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The main story of Saints Row is an enjoyable tale of the creation of the Saints. Still, it’s also a pretty short story that won’t take up much of your time. If you want more, rest assured, Santo Ileso has more than one story.

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The place is filled with all kinds of interesting mini-stories, which you can witness by browsing through all the secondary content. These tales may not be as deep as the main one, but they provide some interesting details about the main characters and the town as a whole. Here are some of the most notable.


6/6 Councilman’s Criminal Wife

You can meet a few interesting people if you do the hustle and bustle in the game. One of them is called Barb. She needs your services twice for the Riding Shotgun missions. During your escapades with her, you discover her life.

It turns out that she is married to a man from the city council who knows nothing of her criminal activity. The relationship is not a happy one, as evidenced by the circumstances of his second Riding Shotgun mission. At first, she shoots her husband, which attracts the attention of the police. However, the story is deeper than that, as she seems to have convinced a prostitute to seduce him to give him a reason to shoot the man.

5/6 Neenah’s mom

One of the deepest stories in the game is told with just a few lines of dialogue. The words are spoken during Neenah’s loyalty mission when Sergio pushes his car off the cliff. Neenah explains that the vehicle belonged to her mother. Seems like it was her most prized possession, because she didn’t let anyone else drive it.

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However, Neenah’s mother ended up with cancer and the chemo made her too weak to drive. Thus, the vehicle was entrusted to Neenah, and she swore to protect it in honor of her mother. It’s just a short scene that’s easy to ignore, but it’s powerful and helps make Neenah one of the best characters in the game.

4/6 The storyteller is frustrated

All around Santo Ilseo you can find hidden stories. Each is a series of voice recordings where a narrator tells you about the area. There’s one at Sidewinder Creek that’s a little different. The narrator was clearly a bit frustrated when he had to record them, so he went off-script.

Instead of talking about the area, he complains about the lack of respect he receives, despite having worked for the park for over 20 years. And he reveals that he is going to be fired and replaced by regular ensigns. However, he also clarifies that he has a lot of information that his superiors will not want to divulge. The whole thing gives you a little insight into the man behind the story.

3/6 The vengeful old woman

The Wanted app has some of the best side missions in the game. The Millennial profession is particularly interesting. The target is a young man wearing a cowboy hat who has stolen a credit card. Unfortunately for him, this card belongs to a vengeful old lady.

The woman doesn’t just want you to take care of the problem for her – she also wants to go on a mission. Along the way, she acts like the sweetest old lady and seems to confuse you with her grandson. When you arrive at your location and find the man, the lady finally takes revenge by killing him. It makes for a short but intriguing story.

2/6 The end of the collective

The Collective is the group that manages the Idols. They are known for their elaborate helmets and brightly colored costumes. You kill most members while playing through the main story in a series of different fights. Then, when you place a Business in the Old Town West area, another Collective Idol appears as a threat that you need to eliminate. The latest member is on the Wanted app as part of the mission called Litterbugs.

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It all unfolds as one long story of the protagonist slowly taking down the Collective one by one. Although they have sophisticated skills, none of them are able to survive against the power of the Boss. When the last one falls, the feud is over, and so is the Collective.

1/6 The boss’s past

Davey is one of the most interesting minor characters in the game. That’s because he’s a legendary criminal who began his legacy long before The Boss or The Saints were around. During the side hustle of the Riding Shotgun, he shares fascinating interactions with The Boss who explores the latter’s past.

The charismatic murderer originally came to Santo Ileso to work with Davey. The criminal, however, refused the Boss. So they were forced to make a name for themselves and earn the respect of people like Davey. In Saints Row, the circle is complete because it is now Davey who needs the help of the Boss. However, he does not regret disowning the protagonist earlier. Davey felt that The Boss needed to find his own way, which he did.

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