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If there’s one thing we humans love to do, it’s collecting. Coins, seashells, stamps, baseball cards, vintage artwork – you name it, we hoard it. Some people see it as a hobby, while others build rooms or create special places in their homes to show their fascination with accumulating objects that interest them. But there is a whole other class of people who take on the challenge of finding the rarest and most extraordinary items from all over the world.

Collectors of the most random objects have amassed impressive amounts of the things they obsess over and have shared photos of their finds with everyone on the internet. We at bored panda have scoured the web to bring you a list of sometimes whimsical, sometimes slightly creepy, but nonetheless captivating collections that might inspire you to create your own.

From sharks teeth to four leaf clovers to the tiny balls of pen ink cartridges, keep scrolling to discover these interesting displays. Be sure to vote for your favorites and let us know the things you love collecting in the comments section below! Keep reading to also find our interview with teacher and avid collector Shirley M. Mueller, MD. Once you’re done admiring this list, take a look at Part 1 of this feature here.