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So they spend their whole lives entertaining us. But who entertains them? Or rather what amuses them? Celebrities are artists. A group of talented people who live as one of the most important sources of fun and entertainment in our lives. Have you ever heard of the expression “Working without playing makes Jack a boring boy”? Well, these celebrities spend their time living their passion and the joy of having a few hobbies too.

Wondering what his hobbies might be? To be honest, their hobbies don’t include big projects or lavish installations. They can be as small and sweet as the kitchen. From a collection of daggers to pottery, here’s where things get weirdly interesting.

Let’s see what we have. After all, a little peek into their personal life is pretty exciting, isn’t it? Hurry up.

Cameron Diaz – Snowboarding

Well, our hot angel Charlie loves sliding up and down a hill on a freaky snowboard! Who would have thought that, right? Cameron Diaz is one of those celebrities who enjoys the thrill of speed and can’t get enough of that adrenaline rush. She sees snowboarding as one of the ways to escape and be. Well, the fact that she’s sliding through a mountain without ever touching the ground turns her on.

Weird but cute, huh?

Johnny Depp – Doll Collector

Well, it may sound weird to you, but here we’re breaking all gender stereotypes with none other than our adorable Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp, who stars as a pirate in the groundbreaking Pirates of the Caribbean film series, loves collecting dolls and playing with them. Well, the man doesn’t care what you think of him as long as he collects and plays with his dolls. Uh… by the way, her perfect jaw beats those pretty dolls, it has to be said.

Alia Bhatt – Charcoal painting

Bollywood industry idol, cute as a button Alia Bhatt is very fond of charcoal painting. Did you know ? We neither. Apparently, she gave Arjun Kapoor a charcoal painting on his birthday.

It is undeniable that she is skilled in the same field. What would you have expected from a super unique celebrity if not for an even more unique hobby! Oh, and by the way, the woman is just as good a singer. But we assume you knew that! Multitalent who, again?

Sushmita Sen – Playing the piano

A former Miss Universe herself, Sushmita Sen is a multi-talented woman. The embodiment of motherhood, fitness and culture, she is a music and dance fanatic. Seen playing the piano with her two adorable daughters, she expresses that it is one of her favorite instruments. Additionally, she has been playing the piano since she was a budding teenager and has always loved doing it. Well, we’re not surprised. Women kiss anything and everything.

Playing the piano is one of the most common hobbies of many celebrities. And many of their fans are inspired and embrace this interesting hobby. If you are the one who wants to excel in playing digital pianos like Sushmita Sen, then you should definitely pursue your passion. Brands like Piano Nadu will guide you in choosing your digital piano.

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Abhay Deol – Wood carving and interior design

Alright, one of the nation’s favorites, Abhay Deol loves wood carving and looking at beautiful interiors. Unique, huh? Well, the man is studying professional woodcarving in New York. He certainly knows how to surprise everyone with almost everything about him. Be it his quirky roles or his unique hobbies. Moreover, he likes to go to places with good interiors and literally notes the design. Much corny?

Well yes! These celebrities have a life of their own! Surprising? It shouldn’t be. With their super amazing art that already inspires many, these men and women take the time to let things go and enjoy what they value the most. You can’t blame them. What’s life without fun, right?